Scientist at Work: Manjari Mazumdar

Manjari Mazumdar The Indiana University School of Medicine's Medical Sciences Program in Bloomington welcomed a new researcher to its ranks earlier this year. Plucked from the prestigious National Cancer Institute, Manjari Mazumdar is bringing her cancer research to the halls of Bloomington's campus. Her work could lead to early detection tests, as well as new preventions and treatments for certain cancers.  Full Story

$1.2 million NIH project will help track and predict epidemics


The National Institutes of Health has given $1.2 million to Indiana University researchers to build the ultimate international epidemic research tool. Principle investigators Katy Börner, Steven J. Sherman and Alessandro Vespignani will oversee the project, EpiC, which they hope will make the sharing and re-using of epidemics datasets and algorithms as easy as sharing videos via YouTube.

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IU Asteroid Program "records" final chapter

Frank Edmondson

The Indiana Asteroid Program began with a borrowed lens and a bet over a chocolate ice cream cone. Almost 60 years later, its final chapter was written with the naming of a heavenly body after one of the most dedicated staff members Indiana University Bloomington's Department of Astronomy has ever seen.

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IU scientists report first 3-D view of anti-cancer agent

DNA binding

Researchers from the IU School of Medicine and the IUPUI School of Science have created the first three-dimensional image of how a well-established chemotherapy agent targets and binds to DNA. The study, which published online the week of March 17 in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may help scientists develop better chemotherapy drugs to treat a wide range of cancers.

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"Science kid" inaugural Adam W. Herbert graduate fellow


Byron Gipson brings this love of science and a "ferocious curiosity" inherited from his mother back to Indiana University, where he began studying this semester as the first Adam W. Herbert Graduate Fellow. Pursuing a doctorate, Gipson will serve his fellowship conducting cutting-edge research into the neural mechanisms underlying relapse to drug-seeking behavior, a research focus in the lab of George V. Rebec, chancellor's professor and director of the Program in Neuroscience.

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Previous issue

Dale Sengelaub

The March 25, 2008, issue of Discoveries, highlighted Dale Sengelaub, a professor in Indiana University's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Also featured in this issue were stories about the climate change threatening Amazonian small farmers, a story on the downside of a good idea, details on new information regarding the "Bible of Particle Physics," and a look at what IU chemists have recently discovered in the laboratory.

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