Scientist at Work: Melanie Everett

Melanie Everett If piecing together the environment of 1.5-million-year-old hominids seems a little daunting, it follows that any scientist foolish enough to try should be made of stern stuff. Meet Melanie Everett, a double Ph.D. student at Indiana University Bloomington. You read that right. Double. Ph.D. Everett shirked neither theses nor theories when she decided that her interests necessitated doctorates in geology and anthropology. On track to complete both degrees this year (2009), Everett is an active researcher.  Full Story

IU Physicist offers foundation for uprooting a hallowed principle of physics

Kostelecky's Apples

Physicists at Indiana University have developed a promising new way to identify a possible abnormality in a fundamental building block of Einstein's theory of relativity known as "Lorentz invariance." If confirmed, the abnormality would disprove the basic tenet that the laws of physics remain the same for any two objects traveling at a constant speed or rotated relative to one another.

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Kidnapped senior needed IU-patented home security system

L. Jean Camp

Family and friends of a 75-year-old California grandmother beaten and kidnapped from her home in December 2008 might have known of the crime within moments if a device patented by an IU researcher had been in use. If Sandy Vinge had been using The Portal Monitor, developed by Indiana University professor L. Jean Camp, when kidnapped from her home, photographs taken at the victim's front door step would have been forwarded instantaneously to a pre-selected group of her closest friends and family members.

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IU physicist Horowitz receives DOE grant, APS fellowship

Chuck Horowitz

Charles Horowitz, professor of physics at Indiana University, has been elected to fellowship in the American Physical Society, the preeminent organization of physicists in the United States. Horowitz was honored for his contributions to research involving dense nuclear matter.

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Informatics' Alessandro Vespignani named Rudy Professor

Alessandro Vespignani

At its meeting on Dec. 12, the Indiana University Board of Trustees honored School of Informatics' professor Alessandro Vespignani, conferring upon him the title of Rudy Professor.

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New Atwater Eye Care Center opens doors

Atwater Eye Care Center

The Indiana University School of Optometry's $3 million Atwater Eye Care Center swung into full-time operation Jan. 5 at its new campus-centric, high profile location on East Third Street. Designed to meet the tri-fold mission of providing opportunities for teaching, service and research in a clinical environment of the highest-quality, the 22,000-square-foot building opened its doors at a time of sustained growth that has resulted in record external research funding, broadening clinical services and the acquisition of new, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

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Computer-guided golf cart to make Assembly Hall rounds

Informatics Golf Cart

A touch of the keyboard or push of the joystick, and massive dump trucks loaded with coal, giant combines harvesting soybeans, and aircraft observing landscapes do the work of a multitude of humans as software and satellite work together. So why, wondered Indiana University Professor Steven Johnson's computer science students, shouldn't the trip between Bloomington and Indianapolis be as simple as stepping into an elevator?

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Previous issue

Sara Pryor

The Dec. 20, 2008, issue of IU Discoveries featured a profile of Sara Pryor, an atmospheric scientist who balances teaching and research, a look at how bacterial biofilms help preserve fossil records, the announcement of a $15 million Lilly Endowment grant to IU's Pervasive Technology Institute, research on how Amazon deforestation has increased due to agricultural mechanization, and more.

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