Carbon capture and storage: Indiana could lead in developing green technology

Coal image Indiana is positioned to be a leader in developing green technology for power generation from coal -- and to benefit environmentally and economically as a result. But for that to happen, the state needs to be at the forefront of addressing technology and policy challenges related to carbon capture and storage, also known as CCS.  Full Story

IU Kelley School of Business economic forecast for 2010 looks better, relative to this year


Indiana University economists presenting their annual forecast last week were confident that 2010 is going to be better than this year. Unfortunately, 2009 was "really, really awful."

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Former NRA president: Gun rights likely to be incorporated to states

Sandra "Sandy" Froman

It took all of 15 minutes for Sandy Froman, a single lawyer living alone in downtown Los Angeles, to go from ambivalence to passion for gun rights. An unknown man attempting to break down her door in the middle of the night drove her to become one of America's foremost gun rights experts, and eventually the president of the National Rifle Association.

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Economic report analyzes strengths, weaknesses for the Richmond area


A new Indiana University East report on the economic strengths and weaknesses of the Richmond area signals a significant need for progress while highlighting assets already present in the region and the potential for developing civic and economic strengths that the area possesses. The study points to the key role of manufacturing, despite a loss of factory jobs.

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Panelists discuss future of nuclear weapons

Mushroom Cloud

President Barack Obama traveled to Prague earlier this year to announce America's commitment to eventually achieve "the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons." But is a world without nuclear weapons feasible -- or even desirable? A distinguished panel of experts came to Indiana University Bloomington last month to debate the question.

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Most colleges are learning what students are learning

study image

Contrary to what many observers think, gathering information about what undergraduates learn during their studies is commonplace in most U.S. colleges and universities, according to a recent study directed by an IU education professor. However, the results are not always used and reported in ways that could improve student accomplishment and inform the public about institutional performance.

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IU School of Medicine and teaching hospitals provide significant economic impact

Student Doctors

The Indiana University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals boosted the economy of the Indianapolis area by an estimated $7.96 billion in 2008, according to a study released by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The school and the hospitals -- Clarian Health, Roudebush Veterans Administration Hospital and Wishard Health Services -- accounted for more than 52,000 full- and part-time jobs, according to the report.

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Previous issue

Elinor Ostrom

The Oct. 12, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on the 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics awarded to IU Bloomington professor Elinor Ostrom. It also includes stories on IU Kokomo Professor and Dean Robert Dibie's thoughts on the theme of 10 years of democracy in Nigeria, a student counter-terrorism simulation in Indianapolis, a study of increased differences between U.S. political parties, former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton's ideas on strengthening Congress and a law professor's Senate testimony on the future of Burma.

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