Scientist at Work: Howard J. Edenberg

Edenberg photo A majority of IU School of Medicine geneticist Howard J. Edenberg's career has focused on the biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics of alcohol metabolism and other genes that influence alcohol dependence. His interest in the area is broad but his investigations are all interconnected, ranging from detailed studies of the regulation of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) genes through how they affect risk for alcoholism, and extending to genome-wide studies of gene expression and the identification of genes that affect the risk for alcoholism, and circling back to how these other genes are regulated. Edenberg is one of the School of Medicine's research innovators, whose work on the genetics and genomics of complex diseases has influenced how such diseases are studied.  Full Story

Captain Kidd's pirate cannon from the Caribbean comes to IU

cannon photo

The first pirate's cannon recovered in the Caribbean is resting in a Hoosier underwater science lab at Indiana University Bloomington under the watchful eye of archaeologist Charles Beeker and other researchers and students. Beeker, director of the Office of Underwater Science in IU Bloomington's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, has been authorized by Dominican Republic authorities to bring the 17th century relic to his lab for five years of study and conservation.

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Discovery of enzyme activation process could lead to new heart attack treatments

HIPPI binding region

Researchers at the Indiana University and Stanford University schools of medicine have determined how a "chemical chaperone" does its job in the body, which could lead to a new class of drugs to help reduce the muscle damage caused by heart attacks. Such drugs would work by restoring the activity of a mutated enzyme, rather than taking the more common approach of blocking the actions of a disease-related protein.

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Wasp genomes are sequenced, revealing surprises

Nasonia wasp

A consortium of more than 100 scientists has completed an analysis of the DNA sequence of three parasitic wasp species, and the project has turned up a few surprises in the process. The genome project, described in a recent issue of Science, was led by University of Rochester and Baylor College of Medicine scientists, with Indiana University Bloomington biologists providing key genetic findings.

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IU Research & Technology Corp. contracts with business accelerator

Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation

Indiana University's most innovative researchers will gain access to another source of venture capital and to commercialization teams through a new agreement between IU's Research & Technology Corp. and the venture capital firm The University Funds.

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New life science teaching labs open in Jordan Hall

Lab student

Students returning from winter break in January found three new teaching laboratories in Indiana University Bloomington's Jordan Hall, built expressly for the purpose of providing practical laboratory experiences in the life sciences. The teaching labs replace and augment 3,700 square feet of outdated space.

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IPFW Anthropology Department offers students out-of-classroom experience

Belize excavation

The Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) anthropology department is providing students with diverse opportunities during the semester. In just the past eight months, the department involved 11 of its students in activities ranging from field research in Belize to presenting research on skeletal remains at a national conference.

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Previous issue

Vespignani image

The Jan. 19, 2009, issue of Discoveries, featured IU Bloomington informaticist Alessandro Vespignani and his analysis of complex systems, such as the transmission of disease pathogens via airplanes and boats. Also featured were stories on the IU Cyclotron Facility, social bacteria, IU Bloomington's newest AAAS fellow, a new ancient climate tool, a grant for cell cycle research, and the use of games to rehabilitate injured hands.

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