Chief Justice Roberts: American justice system evolves, but deliberatively

Roberts photo The U.S. Supreme Court has changed over its 220-year history, but change has come slowly -- and appropriately so -- Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said in a lecture at the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis. The court, by design, is the "most deliberative, stable and politically insulated" branch of government, he said.  Full Story

Book examines successes, failures of President George W. Bush's domestic policies

Bush on the Home Front

Former President George W. Bush achieved domestic policy successes that were remarkable in light of his tenuous standing with the public and the sharp partisan divisions that he faced in Congress, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs Dean John D. Graham writes in his recently published book, Bush on the Home Front.

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Indiana University commemorates Ryan White's struggle

Ginder image

When 13-year-old Ryan White was barred from attending school after contracting HIV from a tainted blood transfusion in 1984, he and his mother began fighting not only for his life, but for the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS. "For the love of your children, you may do a lot of things you never thought you could," said Jeanne White Ginder, Ryan White's mother.

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Mathematical model can help communities better evaluate sex offender policies

Sex Offender

A new mathematical model developed by Indiana University Bloomington and Arizona State University geographers could help communities that are in the midst of passing or reforming sex offender laws. The researchers describe the model and report its first test in an Early View edition of Papers in Regional Science. By forcing users to quantify risk and issues of special concern, the model can help the policymakers of concerned communities to focus on the spatial management of sex offenders and not mere punitive measures.

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Dana Perino and Donna Brazile launch Sanders Speaker Series at IUS

Perino and Brazile

Dana Perino and Donna Brazile may stand at opposite sides of the political spectrum, but they found a bit of common ground when they spoke together recently at Indiana University Southeast. Both said it's likely that Republicans will gain seats in U.S. Senate and House elections this November. Both lamented the tendency of the news media to boil issues down to sound bites and slogans, although they expressed sympathy for reporters trying to do their job in difficult situations.

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Study examines impact of education, income on support for suicide bombings

Suicide Bomb

Conventional wisdom holds that supporters of suicide bombers are people with low educational attainment and income, so investments in education and economic development should reduce support for such attacks. But a study by two Indiana University faculty members raises questions about that approach.

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Diplomacy remains difficult but essential, Sir Ivor Roberts tells IU audience

Sir Ivor Roberts

The old world of a global balance of power, the ever-present Soviet threat and international spheres of influence may have faded away, but the world needs sound diplomacy as much now as ever, Sir Ivor Roberts told an Indiana University audience. Roberts, president of Trinity College at Oxford and Great Britain's former ambassador to Yugoslavia, Ireland and Italy, presented the 2010 Charles F. Bonser Distinguished Lecture on Public Policy on March 25 at IU Bloomington.

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Cell Phone Driver

IU Bloomington is back on the list of top Peace Corps feeder schools, and one volunteer tells about his experience in the March 2010 issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are stories on a study of credit scores and home purchases, a Kelley School program that helps small businesses in Peru, a report on cell phone use while driving, research on students' "carbon footprint," and examination of links between alcohol sales and violent crime, and a conference on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic.

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