Election 2010: Republicans celebrate this time

College Republicans Being a conservative activist in liberal Bloomington, Ind., can feel like an exercise in futility. But not last week. College Republicans at Indiana University were exultant on Election Night after a GOP wave swept the party's candidates into Congress and the Statehouse.  Full Story

IU Kelley School forecast: Economic recovery in 2011 will continue to be 'disappointingly weak'

Business Conference

Indiana University economists who presented their annual forecast last week expect that the current historically weak recovery will continue into 2011, with continued challenges for the national labor market.

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IU research center releases comprehensive report on Indiana traffic collisions

Child Seat

The number of traffic collisions and fatal collisions in Indiana declined significantly in 2009 from the previous year, according to a comprehensive analysis of crash data released recently by an Indiana University research center. But traffic collisions remain a serious issue, both in human and economic terms, the report shows. Some 46,590 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in Indiana in 2009. And the economic cost of vehicle collisions in the state exceeded $4.3 billion for the year.

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Friedman: Sustainability is both an obligation and an opportunity

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman's latest book is titled Hot, Flat and Crowded -- with the "hot" referring to climate change. But he says that even people who don't believe the climate is changing should accept his thesis: that a green revolution is needed to avert global disaster, and the U.S. should lead it.

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Hosting the Super Bowl: Does Indy have what it takes?

Lucas Oil Stadium

What will it take for Indianapolis to make the most of hosting Super Bowl XLVI? Experts and insiders will explore the topic Nov. 18 at an event organized by the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs Alumni Association. Organizers plan to highlight the skills and logistical expertise that are being put to work to make the 46th Super Bowl a success that provides long-lasting benefits for the city -- including skills learned by graduates of SPEA programs.

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Federal Reserve researcher to assess economic effect of euro on Midwest at Indy event


A former Indiana University professor who is now senior vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis will give a presentation next week about the effect of economic activity in the European Union on Indiana trade and business activities.

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CEEP policy brief urges more intense effort to ensure more earn college degrees


A new policy brief from the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy at Indiana University emphasizes a need for better data and more targeted efforts to ensure historically underrepresented college students complete coursework and earn degrees. "College Persistence and Completion Strategies: Opportunities for Scaling Up" was published in late October as two of the report's co-authors spoke on these issues at The College Board's National Forum in Washington, D.C.

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Majora Carter Lecture

The October 2010 issue of Perspectives on Policy featured a story on an IU lecture by "eco-entrepreneur" Majora Carter. Also included were stories about a new center on health information, a policy expert's thoughts on health-care reform, a federal grant to improve emergency management, a gathering to promote civil discourse on faith, a conference that went "green," and an upcoming congressional debate.

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