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Poynter Center research project explores relationship between empathy and ethics

Richard Miller Politicians lament the "empathy gap" in modern society. Popular authors cast empathy as the key to a wiser and more just society. You can almost imagine the Beatles singing, "All you need is empathy." But a two-year Indiana University project takes a more complex and nuanced view of empathy, the ability to understand and experience another person's feelings and state of mind.  Full Story

An IU professor gives a talk on his new book 'The Condemnation of Blackness'

Khalil Muhammad

IU Assistant Professor of History Khalil Muhammad discussed his recent book, The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America, at a Poynter Center Roundtable Oct. 5. The book is a story about the evolution of the idea of black criminality and its ties to the making of modern urban America.

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IU students placed sixth at the 2010 Ethics Bowl

Ethics Bowl 2010

Ethics as a competitive sport? For hundreds of undergraduates across the country, it is. Each fall, they study a dozen cases full of ethical issues, preparing to defend their views of the cases in a regional competition. The five-member IU team competed in this year's competiton on Nov. 6 in Indianapolis.

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Fall Healthcare Ethics Seminars spark discussion

Susan Hickman

The Healthcare Ethics Seminar meets monthly at the Poynter Center during the academic year, providing an opportunity for discussion among people who work in healthcare, faculty and students at IU, and members of the public. This fall, discussions were held on "Research Ethics in the Era of Personalized Medicine: Updating Science's Contract with Society" and "Strategies for Communicating Treatment Preferences Near the End of Life."

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A Poynter workshop focues on ethical and privacy issues surrounding the use of pervasive and autonomous technologies

Kohno and Pimple

People and institutions increasingly rely on pervasive and autonomous technologies to operate complex systems without thinking much about ethical and privacy issues. A recent workshop at the Poynter Center focused on these issues in a talk entitled, "Securing Emerging Technologies: Medical Devices, Robots, Cars, and More."

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IU ethics education expert to advise national center

Ken Pimple

Kenneth D. Pimple, director of Teaching Research Ethics programs at the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions at Indiana University Bloomington, has been named to the Ethics Committee of the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics, a new ethics center funded through a five-year, $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

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Winners of the 2010 Poynter Center's Prizes in Research Ethics presented their research

Kenney and Lee

Three IU undergraduates, winners of the 2010 Poynter Center's Prizes in Research Ethics, spoke in the spring about their research involving issues in practical ethics.

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