Scientist at Work: Liang-shi Li

Liang-shi Li Indiana University Bloomington chemist Liang-shi Li isn't merely drawn to the beauty of science, as he says. Li also tries to use science to make beautiful things. Li and the members of his lab are working hard on designing molecules that can capture light efficiently, possibly for use in solar cells. Their light-capturing molecules are a unique construction that is functional yet elegant. A triangle of graphene -- a single sheet of graphite, the stuff of pencils -- is flanked on each side by three-pronged tendrils that prevent the sheets of graphene from coalescing. The molecules are primarily made of carbon. "Physical chemistry can be such beautiful science," he says.  Full Story

Five from IU Bloomington elected 2010 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Four biologists and a political scientist from Indiana University Bloomington are among this year's 503 elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest general scientific society. Biologists Lynda Delph, Roger Hangarter, Roger Innes and Rudy Raff and political scientist Edward Carmines join IU's 29 previously elected fellows. The five will be recognized for their contributions to science and technology at the Fellows Forum to be held on Feb. 19, 2011, during the AAAS annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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Routine blood test may identify people with pre-diabetes, cutting later treatment costs

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A simpler form of testing individuals with risk factors for diabetes could improve diabetes prevention efforts by substantially increasing the number of individuals who complete testing and learn whether or not they are likely to develop diabetes. Approximately 60 million Americans, one-third of the adult population, are pre-diabetic. Thirty percent of these individuals will develop Type 2 diabetes in less than a decade, yet most don't know they are at high risk for the disease.

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IU Open Systems Lab researchers contribute to data benchmarks for Graph 500

Visualization of gas density

Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University announced Dec. 17 that Andrew Lumsdaine and Jeremiah Willcock of its Open Systems Lab (OSL) would be part of an international team that developed the "Search" benchmark for the Graph 500 List. This benchmark evaluates a system's ability to traverse extremely large data structures.

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Indiana CTSI starts new collaboration with Australian National University

John Curtin School of Medical Research

A new collaboration between the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) and Australian National University (ANU) is expected to create a new master's degree program in translational science, study abroad opportunities for students and joint research programs that draw on the strengths of ANU and Indiana University. "Translational research is taking place more and more on a global level," said Indiana CTSI Director Anantha Shekhar, M.D.. "Basic research conducted in one country may just as easily make the translation to application in another country."

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IU Northwest geosciences professor receives grant from the Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Northwestern Indiana beach

Since moving to Northwest Indiana more than 10 years ago, Indiana University Northwest Associate Professor of Geosciences Zoran Kilibarda has enjoyed hiking at Dunes State Park and Mt. Baldy. But, he began to notice that every time he would go hiking things seemed slightly different than the last time he had hit the trails. "I would think, 'Well, there's something different this time,'" Kilibarda said. "But you are never sure until you have evidence of it."

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Molecules made by IUPUI students may have potential to cure diseases

Distributed Drug Discovery (D3)

Not many college students can say their efforts in the laboratory may lead to therapies for diseases that devastate millions of people worldwide, but chemistry students in the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis can. As they learn the science of chemistry they are actually synthesizing molecules that may someday be tested in human clinical trials as potential drug treatments or cures for such devastating diseases as malaria and tuberculosis.

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Previous issue

Patricia Foster

The Dec. 20, 2010, issue of IU Discoveries featured IU Bloomington biologist Patricia Foster and her ongoing study of mutation rates in bacteria. Also included were stories about gene therapy of metastatic melanoma, the IU Open Systems Lab, learning to think like a theoretical physicist, "top" distinctions for IU School of Medicine faculty members, an honor for an IUPUI mathematician, and an IPFW researcher's environmental studies in high-altitude Argentina.

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