Active for Life, From the health and wellness experts at IU  

Strong core muscles can mean confidence, less pain, more opportunities

Posture "Why would you want to settle for settling," asked Judy Shettleroe, 74, when discussing how exercise, including core exercises, has given her more confidence, energy and options -- such as traveling. She and Gen Shelton, 64, began working on their core muscles and balance only in the last few years and they say it's been well worth the effort. Michelle Miller, an exercise physiologist at the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, discusses why these muscles need attention every day, how it's easier than many people think, and how to get started.  Full Story

 Hoosiers need to shape up?


A new cancer report from IU researchers shows Hoosiers have a high rate of smoking, have poor nutrition and lack adequate exercise.

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 A massage at work?

Foam Roll

Foam rollers have been getting more attention for their 'role' in easing aches and pains through self-massage. Amy Bayliss, with the Department of Physical Theraphy in IUPUI's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, describes two useful moves that take little time but can ease back aches caused by sitting so much at work and the nagging pain from IT band syndrome.

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 New discovery regarding Fragile X and autism

Fragile X

New clinical trials from the IU School of Medicine have shown improved social behavior in individuals with Fragile X and autism through treatment generally used for alcoholism.

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 Experts offer tips for interacting with people, students on the autism spectrum

Cathy Pratt

Cathy Pratt and the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at IU's Indiana Institute on Disability and Community recognize Autism Awareness Month by offering these updated tips for interacting with students on the autism spectrum. "All of us can play a role in supporting someone on the autism spectrum in community settings," Pratt wrote in her introduction.

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 Managing post-stroke depression improves physical functioning

Elderly woman

Researchers in a new IU study report that successful depression management after a stroke led to better functionality that might enable individuals to return to work or more thoroughly enjoy leisure functions while decreasing the caregiver burden.

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 Medicaid worse than no insurance at all? Not so, say health policy experts

Aaron Carroll

Critics who argue that Medicaid is worse for patients than having no insurance at all are simply wrong and are misusing the research studies they use to make their case, four leading health policy experts -- including IU's Aaron Carroll -- write in the April 6 online edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

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 Previous issue

Lt. Gen. Hertling

The March 10, 2011 Active for Life discussed an IU alum's efforts to improve the heath and fitness of Army recruits. The issue included a cautionary study concerning self-medicating with tanning beds and insights into over-exercising. It discussed a study into callous-unemotional traits and conduct problems in children and gave information about a new website to help connect people with clinical trials and about the benefits of colonoscopies. 'Carol the Coach' gives advice about "slug syndrome."

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