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Sims Lecturer John Lantos: Stories as "Ethical Work"

John Lantos and Richard Miller In the Poynter Center's 10th annual Matthew Vandivier Sims Memorial Lecture, pediatrician and professor John Lantos explored another aspect of stories: their ability to connect our personal narratives with the larger world and to broaden our understanding of moral inquiry.  Full Story

Virtuous Empathy Study

Eva-Maria Engelen

The Virtuous Empathy group hosted two visitors this semester. Dr. Jodi Halpern, MD, PhD, who teaches in the Joint Medical Program, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco, visited in February. In April the Virtuous Empathy group hosted Eva-Maria Engelen, a philosopher from the University of Konstanz, Germany.

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Two Seniors Awarded Undergraduate Research Prizes

Corbin Santo and Sandra DeWeese

Two Indiana University seniors were awarded undergraduate research prizes for their research projects in practical ethics. Each presented a summary of his research at the Poynter Center during the spring semester.

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Poynter Center Roundtable

Nick Cullather

Nick Cullather, an associate professor in the IU Department of History, spoke at the Poynter Center Roundtable on April 26, 2011, about his award-winning book, The Hungry World: America's Cold War Battle against Poverty in Asia. The roundtable discussion included the idea of fables/parables/stories about how one person or one program can make a huge difference in world problems.

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Ethics Bowl Students Win Awards

Laura Goins

Three members of the 2010-11 Ethics Bowl team won awards this spring from the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences.Students took home several awards and prizes.

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Ken Pimple Promoted to Associate Scholar

Ken Pimple

Ken Pimple, Director of Teaching Research Ethics Programs at the Poynter Center, has been promoted to Associate Scholar at Indiana University, effective July 1, 2011.

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Previous issue

Khalil Muhammad

The Fall 2010 issue of Ethics at Indiana featured a story about a two-year Indiana University Poynter Center project that will take a more complex and nuanced view of empathy. Also in this inaugural issue are stories about the 2010 Ethics Bowl, details regarding the Fall Healthcare Ethics Seminar, a Spotlight feature on Ohio University Associate Professor Michelle Brown who is the postdoctoral research fellow with the project "Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Perspectives," which is co-sponsored by the Poynter Center and IU's Institute for Advanced Study.

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