Effective leadership produces organizational success, Sierra Club study finds

Hiking Alexis de Tocqueville observed nearly 200 years ago that American civic associations served as "schools of democracy" where members learned the skills of citizenship. A recent study of local Sierra Club groups by Indiana University faculty member Matthew Baggetta and several colleagues suggests that civic associations are more effective if they embrace that Tocquevillian role.  Full Story

IUPUI experts helping with plan to protect against costliest flood damage

Bloomington Flooding

Mention flooding and images of homes and other buildings half submerged in water come to mind. While there are programs to mitigate such damage, little has been done to help communities lessen erosion from high water, the kind of flood damage that actually costs the most and affects the most people. A team made up of experts from IUPUI and federal and state agencies is working to change that in Indiana.

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IU Northwest professors awarded grant for innovative collaborative research


What if you could collect air contaminants from your own backyard and relay the data directly to experts who would use it to influence environmental law, to understand how weather affects pollution distribution, or to assist agencies in understanding less prominent pollutants? A research project by three IU Northwest faculty members will attempt to involve citizens in these ways and more.

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States take the lead on energy policies

Wind Turbine

States have taken the lead in developing energy policies in the U.S., experimenting with a variety of approaches while the federal government has remained deadlocked. Sanya Carley of the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs examines the state-level policies and assesses their effectiveness for meeting energy and policy goals in the journal Review of Policy Research.

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United Nations grants special status to IU human-rights law program

United Nations

The Program in International Human Rights Law (PIHRL) at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis is joining a select group of organizations that have been awarded special consultative status with the United Nations. The designation enables participants in the program to provide the U.N. with research, position papers and reports and to make speeches or 'interventions' on the floor at U.N. proceedings.

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New study finds that violence doesn't add to children's enjoyment of TV shows, movies

Kid's TV

Despite growing concern about the effects of media violence on children, violent television shows and movies continue to be produced and marketed to them. An Indiana University research study concludes that violence doesn't add anything to their enjoyment of such programs and their characters.

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IU researchers studying urban forests in Bloomington backyards

Campus Tree Cleanup

IU geographer Tom Evans and colleagues at IU Bloomington's Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change are leading a study of how interactions between people, their social and governmental institutions and the environment influence the sustainability of urban ecosystems. The study includes a survey of urban land management in Bloomington.

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Previous issue

IUPUI Sustainability

The May 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy highlights the creation of an Office of Sustainability at IUPUI. It also includes articles on a report on the future of the auto manufacturing industry, IU's annual Electronic Waste Collection Days, an ambitious project to explore policy choices for Indiana, a campus lecture by education historian Diane Ravitch, a conference on youth with disabilities and the juvenile justice system, and a law professor's book on the use and abuse of habeas corpus.

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