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Barefoot running: When to ditch the shoes

Barefoot A hot issue among runners is whether running in bare feet reduces or increases the risk of injury. Stuart Warden, associate professor and director of research in the Department of Physical Therapy at IUPUI, says for some runners it could do both. In this article, he offers a transition plan for going shoeless, something he says requires a "slow and methodological approach," like any new exercise program.  Full Story

 Fish oil may have positive effects on mood, alcohol craving

Gel Capsules

Omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial for more than just the heart. Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine disclosed at a molecular level a potential therapeutic benefit between these dietary supplements, alcohol abuse and psychiatric disorders. "We believe a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help the treatment and prevention of bipolar disorder, and may help with alcoholism as well," said Alexander B. Niculescu, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry at the IU School of Medicine.

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 Older veterans recovering from strokes give yoga a try

Modified Yoga

A new study that exposed older veterans with stroke to yoga produced "exciting" results as researchers explore whether this popular mind-body practice can help stroke victims cope with their increased risk for painful and even deadly falls. The eight-week yoga practice improved the veterans' balance and stamina. "It also was interesting to see how much the men liked it," said Arlene Schmid, rehabilitation research scientist at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center and assistant professor at IUPUI.

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 Bipolar disorder: Mind-body connection suggests new directions for treatment, research

Depression Pain

A new study by motor control and psychology researchers at Indiana University suggests that postural control problems may be a core feature of bipolar disorder, not just a random symptom, and can provide insights both into areas of the brain affected by the psychiatric disorder and new potential targets for treatment.

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 Information overload in drug side effect labeling

Prescription Pills

The lists of potential side effects that accompany prescription drugs have ballooned in size, averaging 70 reactions per drug, a number that can overwhelm physicians trying to select suitable treatments for their patients, according to a new study of drug labels. "We can't stop the growing wave of drug information," said Jon Duke, M.D., Regenstrief Institute investigator and assistant professor at the IU School of Medicine, "but we can do a better job of presenting it efficiently to health care providers."

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 Blog: Navigating the 'New Normal' in the job market

Caroline Dowd-Higgins

In today's high-tech society and challenging job market, person-to-person communication skills and relationships -- not just networks -- are more important than ever. Career transition expert Caroline Dowd-Higgins writes here about why she advises clients and students to get out from behind their computers and, gasp, actually talk to people when looking for jobs.

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Allison Hendricks

The May 12, 2011 Active for Life included articles about the popular game corn toss, IU experts' perspectives concerning the death of Osama bin Laden, an IT video series geared toward the average "Joe's" computer needs, concerns about potent alcoholic beverages that appear to be marketed to young drinkers and tips for minimizing risks for skin cancer. Two studies discuss developments that could help eliminate Staph infections and findings that controlling behavior by romantic partners is linked to violence.

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