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Out of this world: Losing weight in cyberspace

Virtual Exercise Researchers from IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and Kelley School of Business examined the effectiveness of a weight-loss program delivered in a 3D virtual world. The findings are promising. "The virtual world program was at least as beneficial as the face-to-face program and in some ways, more effective," said Jeanne Johnston, assistant professor at the School of HPER. "It has the potential to reach people who normally wouldn't go to a gym or join a program because of limitations, such as time or discomfort with a fitness center environment."  Full Story

 Couples report gender differences in relationship, sexual satisfaction over time

Cuddling Couple

Cuddling and caressing are important ingredients for long-term relationship satisfaction, according to an international study that looks at relationship and sexual satisfaction throughout committed relationships, but contrary to stereotypes, tenderness was more important to the men than to the women.

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 When ground covering takes the play out of playgrounds

Play Surface

The condition of playground surface materials can make the difference between a child being an observer or a player. It can make it difficult for adults with disabilities or mobility problems to supervise their children at play. A study by IU's National Center on Accessibility found a host of problems with various surface materials within just one year of installation.

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 Study confirms concerns in drugs commonly taken by older adults

Common Drugs

A large, long-term study confirms that medications with anticholinergic activity, which include many drugs frequently taken by older adults, cause cognitive impairment. The research is also the first to identify a possible link between these drugs -- which include over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids and incontinence treatments -- and risk of death.

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 Strength in numbers: Elite athletic performance


Russia is known for its chess champions. China for its table tennis. The U.S. has won more than three times as many Olympic swimming medals than any other country. What makes a country an international powerhouse in a given sport? Researchers from IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation crunched some numbers to find out.

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 Listening and hearing, not the same for children with cochlear implants

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implants can allow profoundly deaf infants to hear speech -- giving them the chance to eventually learn spoken language. However, a new study shows that the children receiving the implants don't automatically know how to listen when people speak to them. Derek M. Houston, associate professor of otolaryngology and Philip F. Holton Scholar at the IU School of Medicine, said the insight would have implications for therapy for children receiving cochlear implants.

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 Carol the Coach: Fear keeps you from seeking more from life

Carol Sheets

Carol the Coach writes in this blog about fear -- how it gets in our way, and how we can put it behind us. If this sounds all to familiar to you, please read on and try out the homework assignment. Carol offers suggestions for facing fears head-on.

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The June 9, 2011 Active for Life includes articles about the barefoot running craze, fish oil and its effect on mood and alcohol cravings, yoga and stroke rehab, mind-body connection with bipolar disorder, and drug label information overload. Caroline Dowd-Higgins blogs about the 'New Normal' in today's job market.

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