SPEA policy brief examines health-care reform law

Stethoscope The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is an ambitious attempt to address vexing problems in the U.S. health care system, including rising costs and the large number of people without insurance, according to a recent policy brief by an Indiana University health policy expert. But it will be a challenge to implement provisions that expand coverage, control costs and improve quality without stifling innovation, writes Professor Kosali Simon.  Full Story

IU Public Policy Institute releases report on private, public value of higher education

Students in Lecture

With recent headlines asking "Is college worth it?" and reports of a burgeoning student loan crisis, there has been considerable public discussion about the costs and benefits of higher education. "From lower incarceration and obesity rates to higher levels of civic engagement and volunteerism, education is associated with a broad array of benefits to both individuals and society," reports a research review released by the IU Public Policy Institute.

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IU South Bend students, faculty retrace steps of Freedom Riders

IUSB Freedom Summer

Fifty years ago, young people known as Freedom Riders traveled through the South on buses, challenging Jim Crow segregation in the face of enormous personal risk. This summer, in a course called "Freedom Summer," students and faculty members from Indiana University South Bend retraced the routes followed by the Freedom Riders and joined members of the original group for celebrations and reunions.

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New IUPUI Center for Urban Health focuses on half the world's population

Crowded Subway

The new Center for Urban Health, hosted by the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, will focus on the issues that affect individuals living in urban environments. The world's population is swelling, as are urban areas. Global population is projected to reach seven billion within the next year and nearly 50 percent will live in cities.

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Report finds IRS revoked tax exemption for one in 10 Hoosier nonprofits

Kirsten Grønbjerg

Nearly one in 10 registered Indiana nonprofit organizations lost their tax-exempt status last month for failing to file newly required paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service, according to an analysis led by an Indiana University faculty member and philanthropy expert.

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Medical residents receive training from IUPUI language and culture center

Doctor Language Training

Indiana is facing an acute shortage of primary care physicians, a problem that may continue to grow with changes in healthcare reform. More and more international physicians are coming to the U.S. to work, and experts say they are essential to fill those gaps.

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Steps needed to address risk of pilot commuting, but too little data to support regulation


Commuting practices among airline pilots could potentially contribute to their fatigue, and because fatigue can reduce performance, pilots, airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration should take steps to reduce the likelihood that commuting will pose a safety risk, says a new report from the National Research Council.

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The June 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy features an article about research on the importance of effective leadership in civic associations: specifically, Sierra Club groups. Also included are an initiative to protect Indiana communities from flood damage, a study of the appeal of violence in children's television, an IU Northwest project that involves citizens in studying pollution, a report on state-level energy policies, U.N. designation for a law school human-rights program, and a study of the impact of property-owner decisions on urban forests.

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