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Ten years after 9/11: No simple 'closure' from death of bin Laden

Reaction to 9/11 As the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks approaches, Indiana University experts, including law professor Jody Lyneé Madeira, discuss the impact the attacks had on American society and the economy. "Closure is not some exotic destination to which one eventually travels," said Madeira, associate professor in the IU Maurer School of Law. "If closure exists at all, it must be as a process, a continual series of emotional, psychological, social and cultural adjustments that a victim makes in response to external, often institutional, developments."  Full Story

 New job trends reproducing old forms of gender inequality


Jobs that come with large paychecks but long work hours are slowing the gains women have made since the late 70s in narrowing the gender wage gap. "Gender gaps in overwork, when coupled with rising returns to overwork, exacerbate the gender gap in wages," saidi Youngjoo Cha, a sociologist in IU's College of Arts and Sciences. "New ways of organizing work are reproducing old forms of inequality."

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 Drunkorexia: Starving for a drink


As if binge drinking and eating disorders aren't big enough health problems in their own right -- the combination of the two has women and men eating less during the day so they can drink more or get a bigger buzz in the evening.

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 Insights into infidelity: Study examines influence of sexual personality characteristics

A study by researchers from IU's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, The Kinsey Institute, and the University of Guelph, is the first to look at the influence of lovers' sexual personality traits on infidelity. The findings, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, show that these sexual personality characteristics carry more sway than factors typically studied, namely demographic information such as gender and marital status.

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 Violence, alcohol and community organization

Neighborhood Watch

The density, or number, of businesses that sell alcohol in a community has been tied to local levels of violence, but new research has found that the influence depends on the nature of the community. More stable communities can see little to no influence, says criminal justice professor William Alex Pridemore, but poorer, more disorganized communities are not so fortunate.

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 Youth drug use in Indiana: Upward trend in marijuana use, smokeless tobacco

marijuana image

Alcohol use by Indiana sixth- through 12th-graders has declined, but findings from the 21st Annual Survey of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use also reveal a continuing increase in marijuana and smokeless tobacco use. "Unfortunately we are seeing a continuation of an upward trend in both monthly and lifetime use of marijuana since 2008 in grade seven and grades nine to 12," said Ruth Gassman, director of the Indiana Prevention Resource Center in IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

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 Happiness: All in who you know, goals


Not everybody can be -- or wants to be -- the 'life of the party' but that doesn't mean they are sullen and sad. Psychology Professor Bernardo J. Carducci compared strategies used by extroverted college students and their less socially inclined peers and found that the less outgoing students relied less on partying and drinking to be happy and more on connections with family and friends or cognitive strategies, such as positive thinking. A second study found that the more goal-oriented students also were happier. "You don't have to go out and party to be happy," Carducci said.

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The Aug. 11, 2011 Active for Life includes school-related articles about indoor air quality, training-academic balance among student-athletes, the relationship between vision and sitting too close to TV and computer screens, college students' sexual health, pedestrian safety and mobile devices, and routines that can help kids prepare for and succeed in kindergarten.

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