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'Virtuous Empathy' symposium unites scholars from across the disciplines

Ethics Keynote Empathy was the central topic when more than 60 scholars and researchers gathered at Indiana University Bloomington for a recent symposium on "Empathy: Self, Society, Culture," sponsored by the Poynter Center and IU's Institute for Advanced Study. And empathy of a sort was also very much in evidence in discussions that took place around three plenary addresses and 19 presentations, not to mention meals and informal gatherings.  Full Story

IU Ethics Bowl team wins regional competition

Ethics Bowl Team

The Indiana University Ethics Bowl team, sponsored by the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, won first place in the regional 2011 Ethics Bowl and will move on to compete in the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl on March 1 in Cincinnati.

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The Vietnam War as a backdrop for important questions in life

Tim O'Brien

IU freshmen this year read Tim O'Brien's book, The Things They Carried, as a prelude to the Themester focus on issues of war and peace. O'Brien, a Vietnam veteran, has used his experience in the military as a vehicle for a number of his books that focus on larger questions of life. O'Brien gave the Branigan Lecture sponsored by the IU Institute for Advanced Study to a full house on Oct. 19. On Oct. 20, as part of the College of Arts and Science Themester, he conversed at the Poynter Center with a smaller group of faculty and students.

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In the business of dying: Questioning the commercialization of hospice

Perry and Stone

Does it matter which hospice program you choose for your loved one? Joshua Perry and Robert Stone gave participants some points to consider when they spoke at the Health Care Ethics Seminar on Sept. 15.

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The Navy and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief

Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson Jr.

Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson Jr. led a discussion at the Poynter Center's Oct. 20 Health Care Ethics Seminar on his work as surgeon general and chief of the Bureau of Medicine in the U.S. Navy.

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The ethics of xenotransplantation

Steven Ivy

If we could develop liver transplants from pigs, would that be a good thing? Steven Ivy, senior vice president for values, ethics, social responsibility and pastoral services at Indiana University Health, spoke of the ethical issues involved in "Xenotransplantation: Ethical Practices in the Lab and Clinic" at the Nov. 17 Health Care Ethics Seminar.

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Previous issue

John Lantos and Richard Miller

The May 2011 issue of Ethics at Indiana featured the Poynter Center's 10th annual Matthew Vandivier Sims Memorial Lecture by medical ethicist John Lantos. Also in this issue were stories about a Virtuous Empathy Study, the prizes two undergraduate students received for their projects in practical ethics, a feature about Brian Schrag's tenure as director of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, information about Ken Pimple's promotion, and a recap of the latest Poynter Center Roundtable.

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