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American Whistleblower Tour: Disclosing malfeasance was hard but morally necessary

Kenneth Kendrick Kenneth Kendrick, who revealed food safety problems at a Texas peanut products plant, and Rick Piltz, who publicized government censorship of climate science reports, spoke in late March at IU Bloomington and IUPUI as part of the Government Accountability Project's American Whistleblower Tour. Full Story

Richard Miller.s 10 years as director of the Poynter Center

Rich Miller

Richard Miller is completing 10 years as Poynter Center director and will be returning to full-time research and teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences in July. During the decade of his leadership, the Poynter Center has created new programs, secured new grant funding, catalyzed new interdisciplinary research and hosted numerous seminars, workshops and special events for the university and Bloomington community.

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Doug Adams, Poynter Center fellow

Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Arkansas, attended his first Teaching Research Ethics Workshop in 2003. He liked it so much that he persuaded the university to send him twice more. He developed a working relationship with Kenneth Pimple of the Poynter Center, and they have collaborated on research and writing since 2004.

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Eden Medina, Roundtable

Eden Medina

Years ago, Eden Medina became interested in Salvador Allende's efforts to create a cybernetic component to his government in Chile. Her book "Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende's Chile" received the 2012 Edelstein Prize for outstanding book in the history of technology and the 2012 Computer History Museum Prize for outstanding book in the history of computing.

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Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research

Kenneth Pimple

Kenneth Pimple, creator and director of the Poynter Center's highly successful Teaching Research Ethics annual international seminar, has been working with the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics to develop a certificate program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Teaching Responsible Conduct of Research.

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Undergraduate Research Prize winners

Kylie Yoder

The Poynter Center selected six undergraduates this year from a record number of applicants for the Undergraduate Research Prizes. Students are selected in the fall and present findings from their research to Poynter Center faculty and staff during the spring semester.

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Previous issue

The fall 2012 issue of Ethics at Indiana featured the Poynter Center's 40th anniversary celebration, a multidisciplinary symposium on humanitarianism and human rights. Also included in the issue were a history of the center and articles on the Ethics Bowl competition, director Richard Miller's selection as a Provost Professor and Sonneborn Award recipient, the center's first non-stipendiary fellows, recent Poynter Center Roundtables and Healthcare Ethics Seminars and a visit from filmmaker Werner Herzog.

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