Scientist at work: Roger Temam

Temam For the past 10 years a tree has been growing in the field of mathematics. Its branches consist of more than 130,000 mathematicians who have registered on a Web site for the Mathematics Genealogy Project. The project allows those interested to trace their academic lineage -- or who studied with whom -- back as far as 1650 to legends such as Euler and Legrange. And it enables professors to track their own students on the mathematical family tree. Recently, Indiana University Professor Roger Temam celebrated his 100th registered mentee -- more than any other individual on the tree.  Full Story

As waters clear, scientists seek to end a muddy debate

Mud flume

Geologists have long thought muds only will settle when waters are quiet, but new research by Indiana University Bloomington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology geologists shows muds will accumulate even when currents move swiftly. Their findings appeared in a recent issue of Science.

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IU computer scientist’s toolkit for digital data collection receives NSF funding

Beth Plale

Beth Plale, associate professor in the Indiana University School of Informatics, Department of Computer Science, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to develop a digital toolkit to help researchers more easily capture information about their scientific work. Perhaps most importantly, the new tools will create a kind of "digital tagging," keeping research intact as it passes from one scientist to another.

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The proof is in the tree bark

Tree Bark

A study by Indiana University researchers found the chlorinated flame retardant Dechlorane Plus in the bark of trees across the northeastern United States, with by far the highest concentrations measured near the Niagara Falls, N.Y., factory where this chemical is produced.

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New laboratory lets IU Informatics faculty study interactive social media

Shaowen Bardzell

Two IU School of Informatics faculty researchers have received a multi-year funding grant from One-to-One, a Boston-based digital marketing company that will bring to Indiana University's Bloomington campus a one-of-a-kind research laboratory to measure media and user engagement.

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Previous issue

Joel Stager

The Nov. 20, 2007, issue of Discoveries featured Joel Stager and Jim Brown -- IU researchers who will use cutting-edge technology and a $1 million federal grant to examine the toll firefighting takes on firefighters' health. Also featured in this issue were stories about the business of life science, details on five IU faculty who were elected AAAS fellows, information on a study that reveals the shortcomings of modern genome analysis, highlights of a study that found that high-impact activities during college boosts students' performance, and details of a study that shows a clearer link between prenatal exposure to alcohol and conduct problems.

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