Pianist or Astrophysicist?

James Musser Since before he can remember, Jim Musser was on track to become a professional pianist. Long hours of practicing throughout high school honed his skills. Today, Musser is a professor at Indiana University Bloomington in particle astrophysics and interim director of the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. He still maintains his musical pursuits through playing piano and strumming guitars, which he builds from scratch. "Playing electric guitars at very loud volumes is a great stress release technique," says Musser with a wry smile. "The louder the better."  Full Story

New Department of Energy funding to aid climate change research and technology development

Indiana Geological Survey

Two government-supported climate control initiatives announced recently provide opportunities for research breakthroughs and economic development in Indiana, according to John A. Rupp, assistant director for research with the Indiana Geological Survey, a partner in both projects. The Indiana Geological Survey, a research institute of Indiana University, is providing geological information and technical expertise for both projects.

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Southern Indiana is greener, but for how long?

Monroe County

Southern Indiana's rolling hills are greener now than they were a century ago, but the region's rate of reforestation may be on the verge of being outpaced by suburban sprawl's deforestation, according to a new report by Indiana University Bloomington and University of Minnesota researchers in a recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Digital diagnosis drills

Virtual microscope

Microscopes at Indiana University have virtually gone digital. Thanks to Mark Braun and Anthony Mescher, professors at Indiana University's Bloomington campus, students in their respective classes can study and examine various slides of microscopic tissue samples on their laptops via a virtual microscope instead of looking at textbook examples.

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Previous issue


The Dec. 18, 2007, issue of Discoveries featured a story about Indiana University Professor Roger Temam. Also highlighted were stories about new mud research, details on NSF funding for a digital data tool, surprising news about tree bark, and information about a new informatics laboratory.

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