Do the homeless count? IUPUI class helps ensure they do

Homeless On one of the coldest nights of the winter, students from an IUPUI seminar joined volunteers in scouring the streets and shelters to count the homeless people in Indianapolis. Students in the class, titled "Do the Homeless Count?" also read about homelessness, prepare case studies and volunteer 20 hours in a homeless shelter.  Full Story

IU political scientist's book explains organizational perspective on conflict

Organizations at War

Abdulkader H. Sinno, a political scientist at Indiana University Bloomington, answers questions about his new book, Organizations at War in Afghanistan and Beyond, which explains that the organizational structure of competing groups determines how they will behave and the likelihood of their success or failure.

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State ban on phosphorus in dishwasher detergents will help protect lakes

Water Quality

Thirty-five years ago, Indiana became the first state in the nation to protect its lakes and waterways by prohibiting the use of laundry detergents containing phosphorus. Now, thanks to the efforts of an Indiana University Bloomington professor, the state has extended the phosphorus ban to detergents used in residential automatic dishwashers.

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IU professors find news images play a central role in shaping voter opinion

Betsy Grabe

News images of political candidates are vastly underappreciated as a source of information and play a central role in shaping voter impressions of presidential candidates, according to a recently published visual analysis of the last four presidential elections by two Indiana University professors.

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Saying good-bye to the American Dream for the third time

Earl Wysong

Are the rich mingling with the rich and leaving the rest behind? Professor of Sociology Earl Wysong thinks so. The Indiana University Kokomo professor recently co-authored the third edition of his book titled, The New Class Society: Goodbye American Dream? The book -- which has been substantially updated -- is commonly used as a textbook for colleges across the country.

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Indiana University plays host to visitors from China

Ambassador Visit

Indiana University played host to Chinese officials on two occasions during the past month. Zhou Wenzhong, China's ambassador to the United States, on Feb. 22 spoke at an IU function in Indianapolis. A delegation sponsored by the China Development Research Foundation met with Indiana officials March 6 in a visit coordinated by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

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The Feb. 11, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured an article detailing why the IU Individualized Major Program in the College of Arts and Sciences is such a big hit with students. Also highlighted were a story detailing the findings in a 200-page report about abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Indiana; an update on the SPEA dean search; highlights on IU South Bend's exploration of "Sustainable Communities"; details on a report about the skills public managers need; and information about the "Politics and the Arts" theme for ArtsWeek 2008.

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