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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Journal of American History: Fundamentalists vs. FDR, CIA scandal and more

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March 20, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Was FDR the Antichrist? Matthew Avery Sutton asks the provocative question in the current issue of the Journal of American History, while exploring the reaction of Christian conservatives to the election and policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Sutton, an associate professor of history at Washington State University, argues that the rise of the Christian right as a powerful force in late-20th-century American politics is rooted in the 1930s anti-New Deal activism of influential Protestant fundamentalists.

"Fundamentalists began mobilizing against the expanding state at the very moment of the New Deal's inception," he writes in "Was FDR the Antichrist: The Birth of Fundamentalist Antiliberalism in a Global Age." "They helped foment conservative opposition to Roosevelt, lay the foundations for postwar religious mobilization, and create the political world view that subsequent generations of religious conservatives adopted and used to shape American politics."

The quarterly Journal of American History is published by the Organization of American Historians, based at Indiana University Bloomington.

While religious opposition to FDR mirrored broader conservative fears about socialism and centralized government, Sutton writes, it was grounded in Christian pre-millennialism, which teaches that the Antichrist will rule on Earth but Christians will be raptured to heaven.

In the 1930s, evangelical preachers and journalists lumped together Roosevelt's election and the rise of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, the world economic crisis and the return of Jews to the Middle East as signs that the prophesied end of days was near. FDR may not himself have been the Antichrist, but his election and the policies he implemented were signs that the Antichrist was coming soon.

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