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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last modified: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Sexploration at IU" to begin Monday

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October 15, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- "Sexploration at IU," a weeklong series of events that offer Indiana University students information about sexuality related issues in a fun, interactive and positive way, begins on the IU Bloomington campus on Monday (Oct. 20). The event is sponsored by the IU Health Center's Health & Wellness Department.

Events include a talk by nationally recognized sexuality expert Marty Klein, who will discuss "America's War on Sex," free HIV tests and a rowdy cabaret performance by the "Crimson Cabaret & Burlesque Revue."

"'Sexploration at IU' is an opportunity for us to explore the multidimensionality of sexuality," said Cathlene Hardy Hansen, director of Health and Wellness Education at the IU Health Center. "We are using a creative, sex positive approach to educate, entertain and explore the role of sex in our lives. The topics range from politics, religion, science and art, to the history of dating. This is sex education at its best."

Each day's events will fall under a different theme: Monday is Safer Sex Day, Tuesday's events will examine sex and politics, Wednesday's events deal with healthy sexuality and relationships, Thursday's events examine sex and the myths and misconceptions that surround it and Friday's events will involve sex and art.

Some highlights of the week include:

"Sexuality is a big part of everyone's lives and college is a great time to reach young people," said Katie Wilkinson, a health educator at IU Health and Wellness.

"It is true that a lot of sexual health education is disease-based and, unfortunately, fear-based. What 'Sexploration at IU' can do is make essential information accessible, interactive, less scary and more fun. You reach your audience in a different way. You show them that sexuality, in all its various manifestations, should be respected and celebrated, not feared."

Other event highlights include:

"I hope that students are able to come away from this event with a renewed interest in promoting a sex positive world with a healthy sexual self-concept, and a high regard for others," said Hansen.

Sponsor's for "Sexploration at IU" include: Pure Romance, Inc., The Kinsey Institute, Kinsey Confidential, Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Planned Parenthood of Indiana, Bloomington Hospital's Positive Link, SACS, Indiana University's Sociology Department, the GLBT Support Services, Eden Productions, the Applied Health Science Department and the Residence Halls Association (RHA).

For a detailed schedule of "Sexploration at IU" events, please visit

For more information, please contact Cathlene Hardy Hansen at 812-855-7338 or

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