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Expert Sources by Name

    • Kyle Adams, Associate Professor of Music (Music Theory)
    • Erna Alant, Otting Endowed Chair in Special Education
    • Michael Alexeev, Professor of Economics, Russian and East Eurpoean Institute
    • Deborah Allen, Otis R. Bowen Professor, Professor of Family Medicine, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI
    • Jeremy Allen, Assistant Professor of Music (Jazz Studies and Jazz Bass)
    • George Alter, Director—Population Institute for Research Training, Professor of History
    • Chun Chi An, Academic Specialist in Music (Ballet); Ballet Music Director
    • Randy J. Arnold, Assistant Scientist of Chemistry, Proteomics R&D Facility Manager
    • Joan Austin, Director—Center for Equality of Life, Distinguished Professor of Nursing, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Adjunct Professor of Psychology
    • Ik-Hwan Bae, Professor of Music (Violin, Chamber Music)
    • Joelle Bahloul, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • Claude Baker, Class of 1956 Chancellor's Professor of Music (Composition)
    • David Baker, Distinguished Professor of Music (Jazz Studies); Chair, Department of Jazz Studies
    • Mary Baker, Director—Institutional Research, Professor of Psychology
    • Randall Baker, Director—International Programs, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • John Bancroft, Director—The Kinsey Institute, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
    • Charles Barman, Professor of Education, Adjunct Professor of Public Health
    • David Barton, Associate Professor of Music Theory & Composition, Director, Computer Music Studio, IUSB
    • Carl Bauer, Endowed Professor, Department of Biology
    • Charles Beeker, Director—Office of Underwater Science and Educational Resources
    • Joshua Bell, Senior Lecturer in Music (Violin; Chamber Music)
    • Eileen Bender, Director—Strategic Direction Planning, Professor of English
    • Jacob Bielasiak, Professor of Political Science, Adjunct Professor of Jewish Studies
    • Lisa Bingham, Director—Indiana Conflict Resolution Institute, Keller-Runden Chair in Public Service, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • David Bish, Haydn Murray Professor of Applied Clay Mineralogy
    • Ernesto Bitetti, Professor of Music (Guitar); Chair—Department of Guitar
    • Earl Blair, Associate Professor & Director, Graduate Program in Safety Management
    • Jack Bloom, Adjunct Associate Professor of History/Philosophy, Associate Professor of Sociology
    • David Bodenhamer, Director of the Polis Center, Professor of History, Adjunct Professor at the Center for American Studies
    • Gary Bond, Chancellor's Professor, Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor of Nursing
    • Jose Bonner, Professor of Biology, Director of Science Outreach
    • Charles Bonser, Dean Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Professor Emeritus of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Purnima Bose, Associate Professor of English, Director of Cultural Studies Program
    • John Bowles, Assistant Professor of the History of Art
    • David Brakke, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Adjunct Associate Professor of History
    • Robert Bringle, Director—Center for Service and Learning, Chancellor's Professor, Professor of Psychology