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Active for Life Archive

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Giving diabetes a one-two punch

Diabetes Prevention

The Feb. 10, 2011 Active for Life discussed an effective program for delaying or preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Articles discussed new research involving throwing and human evolution, and the effect alcoholism can have on marriage. IU experts talked about concussion myths and frostbite and readers learn about a program that helps young people with disabilities find jobs. IU grad student Allison Hendricks blogged about how it's OK to be single on Valentine's Day. Full Story >>

Falling 'like a snowflake' on slippery surfaces

Preventing Falls

The Jan. 13, 2011, Active for Life discussed tips for avoiding falls on the ice and snow, concerns about gambling on major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, and suggestions for addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder. The newsletter also included new research findings about promising ways to catch pre-diabetes early, treat metastatic melanoma, and affirm respect in the health care profession. Carol the Coach blogs about relying on oneself to solve personal struggles. Full Story >>

American families

Alternative Family

The Dec. 9, 2010 Active for Life, discussed IU studies involving Americans' definitions of family, palliative care for people with dementia, effects of running while exhausted, and prescription abandonment. Stories discussed gift exchange considerations and tips for healthy eating. Caroline Dowd-Higgins blogged about ways to seek career advice over the holidays during family gatherings. Full Story >>

Veterans Day in Indiana by the numbers

Veterans' Day

The Nov. 11, 2010 Active for Life, has a holiday theme, leading off with information about veterans in honor of Veterans Day. The issue includes the annual gift guide and articles discussing the need to begin family traditions at home, body image issues in light of media pressure, the roots of Christmas commercialism and technology gift ideas for people with disabilities. Researcher Vanessa Schick blogs about some of the insights IU's National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior offers about Baby Boomers. Full Story >>

I truly believe, especially in business, that we can change the world

Habitat Volunteers

The Oct. 14, 2010, Active for Life, includes first person accounts about building houses with Habitat for Humanity and living with AIDS. Articles discuss new research involving "chemobrain" and allergic diseases. Other articles discuss the allure of racy Halloween costumes, drug, tobacco and alcohol use by adolescents, and a plastic surgeon's thoughts on gender, genes and body perception. Full Story >>

Anime eyes, anyone? Experts say to think twice

Anime Eyes

The Sept. 9, 2010, Active for Life, includes articles about non-prescription contact lens concerns, problems with multitasking, healing through prayer, dogs' place within families, women's work networks that don't work, and new research about information processing. Readers also learned about the IU School of Medicine's upcoming and free Mini Medical School. Full Story >>

Fifth-grade teachers on 'verge of history'

Dominican Republic Research

The Aug. 12, 2010, Active for Life, has a back-to-school theme. The articles discuss some adventurous school teachers' trip to the Dominican Republic to visit IU research sites, the misuse of prescription drugs by college students and research findings into how negative stereotypes can inhibit learning. Tips address steps college students can take to fit in, how to exercise regularly during the busy high school and college years, and how to overcome fears and obstacles if returning to college mid-career. IU professor Henry Scott blogs about his experiences cycling across the U.S. this summer. Full Story >>

When tourism is more than just a trip


The July 8, 2010, Active for Life discusses a sports tourism project designed to help Kenyans and endurance sport athletes, alike. Articles discuss how to reduce carcinogens when grilling meat, how physical activity benefits some people more than others, promising research involving diabetes, athletic compression garments, and a sorority's emphasis on 'ladylike' behavior. Debby Herbenick blogs about the flibanserin FDA deliberations and natural ways to enhance sexual enjoyment. Full Story >>

Omar Martinez: His American dream

Omar Martinez

The June 10, 2010, Active for Life, includes a feature about graduate student Omar Martinez and his 'American Dream.' The issue also includes research involving the relationship between physical fitness and kempt homes, the influence friends and even strangers have on dating preferences and hip exercises that reduce knee pain for female runners. Articles discuss constructive leisure time for kids during the summer and new guidelines concerning Pap tests. Caroline Dowd-Higgins posted her first blog for AFL concerning career matters, "5 ways to reinvent your professional self." Full Story >>

Qigong, flexibility and fourth graders

qigong photo

The May 13, 2010, Active for Life includes an article about research exploring the effect of qigong on children. The issue includes articles about eye allergies, ambiguity in definitions of "had sex" (and why it matters), help for veterans, tobacco as a significant gateway drug and factors weighed by physicians when patients cannot make their own decisions. Carol the Coach discusses how resolving disputes can actually make couples closer. Full Story >>

Showing items 11 through 20 of 80.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8