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Active for Life Archive

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Doctors explore myths, half-truths, outright lies

Dog Kiss

The June 11, 2009, Active for Life shines the light of science on medical myths that even some physicians believe. The issue discusses research involving caffeine and exercise-induced asthma, the Internet and breakups, creativity and happiness and the improper use of booster seats. Reader can learn how to take their tennis game to a higher level and how to protect themselves from skin cancer. Full Story >>

Office qigong

Qigong photo

The May 14, 2009, Active for Life offers a video of five qigong movements that can help take the aches and pains out of office work. The issue includes articles about influenza A (H1N1), pesticides and birth defects, social connections, bed bugs and research involving stereotypes. An IU Athletics blog provides insights into youth baseball and arm injuries. Full Story >>

Teens and the big C


The April 9, 2009, issue of Active for Life includes articles about the unique needs of teens with cancer, yoga's influence on the fear of falling, computer vision, college students and gambling, the cycle of violence and federal physical activity guidelines. Carol the Coach provides a primer on resiliency. Full Story >>

Sleeping patterns change with age


The March 12, 2009, Active for Life includes articles about restful sleep, the peanut products recall, basketball warm-up moves from IU Athletics, cognitive science research involving how we search for items or thoughts, balance training and last-minute travel tips. A blog from breast cancer expert George Sledge, M.D., discusses how to be careful -- not paralyzed -- about breast cancer prevention. Full Story >>

Celebrate Every Body

jeans photo

The Feb. 12, 2009 Active for Life has a Valentine's Day theme, with articles discussing body image, assessing the romantic playing field (and why it matters), masculinity from the men's perspective, the mood-boosting benefits of exercise, sexual health information available at retail stores that sell sexual enhancement products and gender differences in texting. Sexual health educator and researcher Debby Herbenick blogs about "rules" and body image issues related to sexuality. Full Story >>

Caregivers in a pickle

Food Labels

The Jan. 15, 2009 issue of Active for Life includes articles about health concerns of "sandwich" caregivers, benefits of the mind-body connection, emotional stages of athletic injury recovery, health habits developed during college, helping kids and teens deal with stress during challenging times, the benefits of circuit training and a free Mini Medical School program in February that looks at medical myths. Full Story >>

Toning down consumerism in tight economic times

Child's gift

The Dec. 11, 2008, issue of Active for Life includes a collection of holiday tips that discuss managing kids' gift expectations during tight economic times, avoiding holiday-related injuries, gifts to help fight skin cancer or tone the body, insights into improving mood, and online shopping safety. Blogger Carol the Coach discusses perfectionism and tips for taming its stressful ways. Full Story >>

Give eating habits and traditions a healthy holiday makeover

Healthy Meal

The Nov. 13, 2008, issue of Active for Life includes holiday topics about eating well and gifts, tips for choosing the right personal trainer and cell phone for kids and articles about redefining "patient" when it comes to Alzheimer's disease and caregivers and IU's annual adolescent drug use survey. Blogger Debby Herbenick discusses how and when people should consider talking to their healthcare provider about sex. Full Story >>

Motivation: The President's Challenge has a fitness test for you

President's Fitness Challenge

The June 12, 2008, issue of IU Active for Life featured a story on The President's Challenge Fitness Test. Also in this issue are stories about tips for making summer exercise safe and fun, details from a study that examined genetics as a culprit in the higher-than-usual divorce rate among children of divorced parents, information from an IU study of cochlear implant patients, a look at the impact of autism spectrum disorders on families, details on why simply moving has an impact on mood, and the latest blog from Carol the Coach. Full Story >>

Messages of health, balance from the abbey

Ruth Engs

In the May 8, 2008, Active for Life, health historian Ruth Engs discusses what she learned about healthy living from senior Benedictine monks. Other articles discuss skin cancer prevention, the growing appeal of adventure tourism, the link between hostility, depression and heart disease, iodine deficiencies and lifesaving gifts. Sexual health researcher and educator Debby Herbenick provides information about sexual intimacy during pregnancy, in recognition of Mother's Day. Full Story >>

Showing items 31 through 40 of 80.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8