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Active for Life Archive

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The power of friendship

Jeanne Johnston and Christie Wise

The June 14, 2007, edition of Active for Life features the story of Christie Wise who battled cancer and struggled to bring physical activity back into her life. Find out how she became active again in this feature. Also highlighted in this issue are the following stories: travel tips for going abroad, why some people are in denial that they are overweight, how to keep alcohol and drugs out of your kids' hands this summer, and attending to the mind, body and spirit when coping with cancer. Carol the Coach writes in her regular blog about how to banish negative self talk. Full Story >>

Leila Vaziri: She's just getting started

Vaziri image

The May 17, 2007, issue of Active for Life features Leila Vaziri, a 2007 Indiana University graduate, who has set an inspiring goal for the next year -- swim for the U.S. in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Meet Vaziri and learn the obstacles she has overcome. Also in this issue, read a story about a study that indicated that young children actually got fatter during their summer breaks than while in school, learn about the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize-nominated program associated with IU, learn how a conception date can impact a baby's future academic achievement, and read about garden themes so you can dig in the dirt with your kids. Indiana University blogger Lesa Lorenzen-Huber looks forward to a summer of chocolate and ice cream cones -- in moderation. Full Story >>

Cruising along with Mitch Rice

Mitch Rice image

The April 26, 2007, issue of Active for Life introduces new blogger Mitch Rice, who periodically will write about cycling issues and enjoyment. The issue also provides information about kicking the smoking habit, adoptive parents, sensible and safe online practices, spring cleaning considerations and golfing for people with disabilities. Carol the Coach has homework for you. Full Story >>

Women with Will: A fellowship of motion

Women With Will

The April 12, 2007, issue of Active for Life highlights the group Women with Will. Also highlighted in this issue include stories about bulking up and shrinking down, new information about condom use and erection-loss, how manufacturers and fitness clubs are using technology to attract customers and a feature about why the Midwest is unprepared for coming floods. Blogger Tracy James writes about the moment when she realized she's not as active as she thought. Full Story >>

Physical chess: Strategy and technique matter more in fencing than athletic ability

IU Fencing Club

The March 29, 2007, issue of Active for Life features information about the IU Fencing Club. Also highlighted in this issue are articles about the link between childhood obesity and the proximity to green space, how to smooth the transition to adulthood for children with disabilities, family stress and autism, how to know when you're getting too much exercise and a Q&A with fitness expert Kenneth Cooper, M.D. Full Story >>

Speaking of disabilities

The March 6, 2007, issue of Active for Life examines the most important principle in communicating with and about people with disabilities -- "People first." Also in this issue are stories about hiring a group personal trainer, body image and ethnicity, early detection of autism spectrum disorder, and tips for maintaining the activity level of children with visual impairments. Carol the Coach offers her tips for assertiveness in her debut blog. Full Story >>

Why should kids have all the fun?

Active Party

Does the thought of another wedding shower or run-of-the mill mixer leave you yawning? This issue of Active for Life offers unique active-themed parties that can liven up social gatherings, teach new skills and reinforce the fun of physical activity. Also in this issue are features about the different reasons men and women work out, small changes you can make to lose weight, home ownership for people with disabilities, research showing that a cigarette tax is efffective in preventing kids from smoking, an IU researcher's book that features solutions for children with autism, and an opportunity for readers to send in questions to the "Father of Aerobics." Full Story >>

Hearts a thumpin'

Valentine's Couple

In this issue of Active for Life, a couple shares how exercising together is more enjoyable than going solo. Other features in this issue include tips for parents who are nervous about talking to their children about love, tips for getting your workout in when it's cold, tips to help swimmers turn their fitness or competitive desires into practice and how our bodies interact with our environment to produce better information for the brain. Staffers Ken Kingery and Nicole Roales share their speed dating experience in this week's blog. Full Story >>

Becoming an old hand in the gym

Gym Etiquette

The Jan. 25, 2007, issue of Active for Life, examines how to avoid violating gym etiquette. Other stories look at how to make working out fun, tips to curb bullying, violence in youth sports and the impact of smoking on your eyes. Blogger Marty Siegel in the IU School of Informatics, writes about developing a "slow but steady" attitude toward your workout and provides a fun quiz to help determine whether you're an urgency addict. Full Story >>

How hard does your football team hit?

Football image

Learn more about high-tech football helmets used by IU football players by reading the Jan. 16 issue of Active for Life, which includes articles about avoiding post-holiday workout injuries, maintaining personal health records, childhood obesity and the lifetime benefits of exercising while young. Blogger Tracy James lists IU health and fitness tips that helped her lose 30 pounds. Full Story >>

Showing items 51 through 60 of 80.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8