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Active for Life Archive

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"If my cardiologist is happy, I'm happy:" Byron Smith first person

Exercise image

The July 14 issue includes IU Bloomington staffer Byron Smith's first-person account of how his fitness efforts improved the quality of his life. Other topics include information about preparing young children for school, tempering race anxiety, a successful weightloss program for faculty and staff at IU East, Nicole Roales' final workout installment and IU Bloomington professor Lesa Lorenzen-Huber's blog about a workout sabbatical. Full Story >>

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite -- seriously

bed bug image

June 21 issue features the growing prevalence of bed bugs in Indiana, an IU doctoral student who suddenly became a champion runner, the importance of art in soothing the spirit and the ongoing stem cell debate and its impact on IU research. Full Story >>

Now I'm a believer

June 8 issue featuring a chemistry professor who fell for fitness, rowing through Chicago with a geosciences prof, camps for kids who have asthma or diabetes, and container gardening ideas from the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center. Full Story >>

Instilling outdoor appreciation

May 23 issue on helping children develop a love for the outdoors, a race to outrun the sun benefiting melanoma research, choosing the right swim program for your child and the beauty of "Slow Food." Full Story >>

Powering up with Kinesiology faculty member Mike Willet

May 9 issue including a powerlifting champion on the IU Bloomington faculty, managing chronic pain, an IU Kokomo student who performs in World Wresting Entertainment events and how a workout makeover helps an IU Bloomington staffer overcome her fear of the weight room. Full Story >>

How you and your child can sleep like a baby

April 19 features include how you and your child can sleep like a baby, risk of devastating eye infection from a contact solution, whether or not to eat before exercise and how crafts can help the grieving process. Full Story >>

Re-ignite your love life

April 6 issue, with ways to re-ignite your love life, more accurate drug prescriptions, running tips for beginners, and sugar's dangers beyond calories and cavities. Full Story >>

Weight-loss surgery: myths and realities

March 23 issue features weight-loss surgery myths and realities, pool etiquette for recreational swimmers, an IU Bloomington staffer's personal training experience and the joys of kickboxing. Full Story >>

Give your workout the two-month test

CycleFit class

March 1 issue features tips on sticking with your workout, overcoming the urge to hibernate, using music for motivation, and how to organize your workday for maximum efficiency. Full Story >>

Wheelchair to wilderness: re-learning an active lifestyle

First issue of Active for Life, with stories on overcoming injury to regain an active lifestyle, strength training at home, keeping kids active all winter, marathon Q&A, and how to start a swimming program. Full Story >>

Showing items 71 through 80 of 80.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8