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Perspectives on Policy

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IU students get dirty, make a difference in Gulf restoration project

Nature Conservancy

This issue of Perspectives on Policy tells about IU students who volunteered to help restore oyster beds in Mobile Bay. Also included are stories about a survey of Hoosier attitudes about K-12 education, the annual Bulen symposium on politics at IUPUI, a School of Public and Environmental Affairs report on the future of electric vehicles, a nonprofit management partnership between IU Northwest and the Foundations of East Chicago, a book on U.S. global food policy and a recommendation from an IU center on establishing an Indiana health insurance exchange. † Full Story >>

IU Northwest students research and propose alternative energy resources

Wind Turbine

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on a project-based IU Northwest course on climate change and alternative energy sources. Also featured are a round-up of Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities at IU campuses, a middle-school engineering competition at IPFW, an M.B.A. class that analyzed Indiana's clean-tech business sector, public service announcements by former Rep. Lee Hamilton and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, 2010 Census results for Indiana, and a book on terrorism. † Full Story >>

Americans lament nasty politics but think civil campaigns are possible, study finds

Political Polarization

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an IPFW professor's study of negative campaigning in the 2010 elections. Also, on the one-year anniversary of the presentation of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to IU's Elinor Ostrom, POP includes three articles related to her work: a foundation grant to apply her ideas to health-care policy, a graduate seminar in forest management that she developed and helps teach, and a talk she gave on local responses to climate change. Also in this issue are stories about the EPA turning 40, an agreement between IUPUI and the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi Indians, and a project to develop state policy for people with disabilities. † Full Story >>

Election 2010: Republicans celebrate this time

Dan Coats

This issue of Perspectives in Policy leads off with a story on the 2010 elections, focusing on Indiana races and IU student participation. It also includes stories on the annual IU Business Outlook Panel's predictions, a report on vehicle accidents in Indiana, campus talks by author Thomas Friedman, a session on Indianapolis' plans for hosting the Super Bowl, a presentation on the European Union and Indiana's economy, and an IU policy brief on improving college completion rates. † Full Story >>

Majora Carterís story: from urban neglect to eco-opportunity

Majora Carter Lecture

The October 2010 issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on an IU lecture by "eco-entrepreneur" Majora Carter. Also included are stories about a new center on health information, a policy expert's thoughts on health-care reform, a federal grant to improve emergency management, a gathering to promote civil discourse on faith, a conference that went "green," and an upcoming congressional debate. † Full Story >>

IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs seminar to produce policy articles for Wikipedia

Barry Rubin's class

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an IU graduate seminar that will produce articles on public policy for Wikipedia. Also included are stories about an economist's call for science-based fiscal policy, an IU East collaboration with local history teachers, a European Union award for an IUPUI professor, an IU education policy symposium, a Maurer School of Law initiative in India, and a policy brief that addresses the importance of trust in government. † Full Story >>

Rare reward: IU anthropologist's research influences policy in Latin American country

Aguacate boys

This issue of Perspectives on Policy includes an article on an IU anthropology professor whose research lent support to a recent Belize court decision upholding Maya land rights. Also featured are articles about a book on immigration and race, a state child poverty commission chaired by an IU dean, a graduate program for Vietnamese government employees, research on bias prevention in standardized tests, an IU Northwest service-learning trip and two IU siblings who helped with the Gulf oil cleanup. † Full Story >>

IU SPEA graduate fosters environmental democracy in Georgia

Georgia seminar

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about IU's support for an environmental policy center in the republic of Georgia. Also featured are stories on a new financial lab at IU Southeast, an IU study of Indianapolis park facilities, a report on Indiana school funding elections, a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, new census data for Indiana cities, and a study that debunks the myth that child abuse increases at the holidays. † Full Story >>

IU students get a front-row seat for the European financial crisis

SPEA in Berlin

This issue of Perspectives on Policy has an international flavor. It includes stories about a public-policy class in Berlin, a professor's volunteer work helping rebuild Cambodia and a research and teaching partnership with universities in Russia. Also featured are a student's internship in local government, recommendations on the future of medical education, "green grants" on two campuses, and an IU-produced DVD on access to government information. † Full Story >>

IU students, volunteers, plant trees to celebrate Tree Campus USA success

tree planting image

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about student volunteers planting trees at IU Bloomington. It also include reports on land-use research in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, a trip to Cost Rica by IU East students, a journal article by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, a conference focusing on personalized medicine, a talk by a well-known Chicago news anchor, and a SPEA program to provide graduate education for Vietnamese civil servants. † Full Story >>

Showing items 11 through 47 of 47.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5