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Perspectives on Policy

IUPUI student exhibit examines material culture of homelessness

Homeless Exhibit

An exhibit produced by IUPUI students about the way homeless people express cultural heritage leads off this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also included: articles on Standard & Poor's downgrading of U.S. debt, a study that finds 9.3 million Americans lost health insurance coverage in the recent recession, a report on career prospects for graduates of public colleges and universities in Indiana, a study of out-of-pocket health care costs for people with chronic illnesses, research tying corruption standards to tax evasion and an evaluation of what colleges disclose about their efforts to assess student learning. † Full Story >>

IU Business Outlook Panel: Economy will improve but 'not enough to make much of a dent'

A report on the Kelley School Business Outlook Panel's forecast for Indiana economy in 2012 leads off this month's IU Perspectives on Policy. Also featured: a lecture by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, an IU Northwest alumna's campaign to raise awareness of anthropologists, a report by IU professors on how to "grow philanthropy," a policy brief on Indiana's new teacher evaluation law, and a preview of a 20th anniversary symposium on the Nunn-Lugar Threat Reduction Program. † Full Story >>

IU Southeast explores issues of social justice in 2011-12 Common Experience

Common Experience

This issue of Perspectives on Policy opens with an article on the 2011-12 Common Experience program at IU Southeast. Also featured are research on the costs and benefits of healthcare reform, a report on job prospects for former auto workers, a history of the School of Social Work, a grant to study the impact of climate change on snowmelt irrigation, an agreement between IU and the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, and an examination of human rights violations in Libya. † Full Story >>

9/11 commissioners to discuss lessons learned this week at IU Auditorium

Lee Hamilton

The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is highlighted in this issue of Perspectives on Policy: It includes an article on this Thursday's discussion at IU Bloomington by members of the 9/11 Commission and an essay on why the death of Osama bin Laden likely didn't bring complete "closure" to survivors and victims' family members. Also featured: articles on ideas for revitalizing Gary, perceptions of the No Child Left Behind education law, a policy brief on Indiana's new school voucher law, a new service program for SPEA graduate students and a survey of green jobs in Indiana. † Full Story >>

IU Public Policy Institute examines income gap between Indiana, U.S.


This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on an IU policy brief explaining the per capita income gap between Indiana and the nation. Also featured are an essay by two faculty members on current education reform efforts and articles about the return of the journal Public Administration Review to IU, a regional mayors' conference at IU Kokomo, research on global water sustainability, a grant for IU regional campuses from Complete College America, and new Census data for Indiana. † Full Story >>

SPEA policy brief examines health-care reform law


This issue of Perspectives on Policy features an IU expert's policy brief on pros and cons of the federal health-care law. It also includes articles about a new Center for Urban Health at IUPUI, an IU South Bend civil-rights history class and tour, a study on the value of higher education for Indiana, a report on the impact of new IRS rules on small nonprofit organizations, language training for international doctors who will practice in the U.S., and a report on commuting and fatigue for airline pilots. † Full Story >>

Effective leadership produces organizational success, study finds


This issue of Perspectives on Policy features an article about research on the importance of effective leadership in civic associations: specifically, Sierra Club groups. Also included are an initiative to protect Indiana communities from flood damage, a study of the appeal of violence in children's television, an IU Northwest project that involves citizens in studying pollution, a report on state-level energy policies, U.N. designation for a law school human-rights program, and a study of the impact of property-owner decisions on urban forests. † Full Story >>

IUPUI establishes Office of Sustainability, to hire full-time director

IUPUI Sustainability

The May 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy highlights the creation of an Office of Sustainability at IUPUI. It also includes articles on a report on the future of the auto manufacturing industry, IU's annual Electronic Waste Collection Days, an ambitious project to explore policy choices for Indiana, a campus lecture by education historian Diane Ravitch, a conference on youth with disabilities and the juvenile justice system, and a law professor's book on the use and abuse of habeas corpus. † Full Story >>

Exonerated former death-row inmate to speak at IU Bloomington, IUPUI


This issue of Perspectives on Policy includes an interview with Randy Steidl, an exonerated former death-row inmate who will speak this week at IU Bloomington and IUPUI. It also features articles on a study of the effects of trading air-pollution allowances, a conference on global antisemitism, an IU student's work on updating state environmental law, a conference on same-sex marriage and the law, a book by IU Northwest and IU Kokomo professors on Brazilian labor issues, and the Indiana Geological Survey's participation in a U.S.-China collaboration on clean energy. † Full Story >>

IU economistís study: NFL Rooney Rule hasnít led to hiring of minority coaches


The March 2011 issue of Perspectives on Policy features an IU economist's study of whether there is racial discrimination in hiring in professional football. Also included are stories about the need for realistic expectations for genomics research, an IU graduate's film about immigration, a Spanish Resource Center at IUPUI, the link between military and community service, a briefing on China's global business strategies and a workshop on sustainable business practices at IU South Bend. † Full Story >>

IU students get dirty, make a difference in Gulf restoration project

Nature Conservancy

This issue of Perspectives on Policy tells about IU students who volunteered to help restore oyster beds in Mobile Bay. Also included are stories about a survey of Hoosier attitudes about K-12 education, the annual Bulen symposium on politics at IUPUI, a School of Public and Environmental Affairs report on the future of electric vehicles, a nonprofit management partnership between IU Northwest and the Foundations of East Chicago, a book on U.S. global food policy and a recommendation from an IU center on establishing an Indiana health insurance exchange. † Full Story >>

IU Northwest students research and propose alternative energy resources

Wind Turbine

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on a project-based IU Northwest course on climate change and alternative energy sources. Also featured are a round-up of Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities at IU campuses, a middle-school engineering competition at IPFW, an M.B.A. class that analyzed Indiana's clean-tech business sector, public service announcements by former Rep. Lee Hamilton and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, 2010 Census results for Indiana, and a book on terrorism. † Full Story >>

Americans lament nasty politics but think civil campaigns are possible, study finds

Political Polarization

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an IPFW professor's study of negative campaigning in the 2010 elections. Also, on the one-year anniversary of the presentation of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to IU's Elinor Ostrom, POP includes three articles related to her work: a foundation grant to apply her ideas to health-care policy, a graduate seminar in forest management that she developed and helps teach, and a talk she gave on local responses to climate change. Also in this issue are stories about the EPA turning 40, an agreement between IUPUI and the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi Indians, and a project to develop state policy for people with disabilities. † Full Story >>

Election 2010: Republicans celebrate this time

Dan Coats

This issue of Perspectives in Policy leads off with a story on the 2010 elections, focusing on Indiana races and IU student participation. It also includes stories on the annual IU Business Outlook Panel's predictions, a report on vehicle accidents in Indiana, campus talks by author Thomas Friedman, a session on Indianapolis' plans for hosting the Super Bowl, a presentation on the European Union and Indiana's economy, and an IU policy brief on improving college completion rates. † Full Story >>

Majora Carterís story: from urban neglect to eco-opportunity

Majora Carter Lecture

The October 2010 issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on an IU lecture by "eco-entrepreneur" Majora Carter. Also included are stories about a new center on health information, a policy expert's thoughts on health-care reform, a federal grant to improve emergency management, a gathering to promote civil discourse on faith, a conference that went "green," and an upcoming congressional debate. † Full Story >>

IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs seminar to produce policy articles for Wikipedia

Barry Rubin's class

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an IU graduate seminar that will produce articles on public policy for Wikipedia. Also included are stories about an economist's call for science-based fiscal policy, an IU East collaboration with local history teachers, a European Union award for an IUPUI professor, an IU education policy symposium, a Maurer School of Law initiative in India, and a policy brief that addresses the importance of trust in government. † Full Story >>

Rare reward: IU anthropologist's research influences policy in Latin American country

Aguacate boys

This issue of Perspectives on Policy includes an article on an IU anthropology professor whose research lent support to a recent Belize court decision upholding Maya land rights. Also featured are articles about a book on immigration and race, a state child poverty commission chaired by an IU dean, a graduate program for Vietnamese government employees, research on bias prevention in standardized tests, an IU Northwest service-learning trip and two IU siblings who helped with the Gulf oil cleanup. † Full Story >>

IU SPEA graduate fosters environmental democracy in Georgia

Georgia seminar

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about IU's support for an environmental policy center in the republic of Georgia. Also featured are stories on a new financial lab at IU Southeast, an IU study of Indianapolis park facilities, a report on Indiana school funding elections, a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, new census data for Indiana cities, and a study that debunks the myth that child abuse increases at the holidays. † Full Story >>

IU students get a front-row seat for the European financial crisis

SPEA in Berlin

This issue of Perspectives on Policy has an international flavor. It includes stories about a public-policy class in Berlin, a professor's volunteer work helping rebuild Cambodia and a research and teaching partnership with universities in Russia. Also featured are a student's internship in local government, recommendations on the future of medical education, "green grants" on two campuses, and an IU-produced DVD on access to government information. † Full Story >>

IU students, volunteers, plant trees to celebrate Tree Campus USA success

tree planting image

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about student volunteers planting trees at IU Bloomington. It also include reports on land-use research in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, a trip to Cost Rica by IU East students, a journal article by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, a conference focusing on personalized medicine, a talk by a well-known Chicago news anchor, and a SPEA program to provide graduate education for Vietnamese civil servants. † Full Story >>

Chief Justice Roberts: American justice system evolves, but deliberatively

Roberts photo

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on a talk by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis. Also featured: SPEA Dean John Graham's new book on the Bush presidency, a lecture in diplomacy at IU Bloomington, a mathematical model for evaluating sex-offender laws, a study of support for suicide bombing in Muslim countries, a talk at IU Southeast by two high-profile political consultants, and an HIV/AIDS conference marking the 20-year anniversary of the death of Ryan White. † Full Story >>

In Peace Corps, IU alums say they gain more than they give

John Kennedy

IU Bloomington is back on the list of top Peace Corps feeder schools, and one volunteer tells about his experience in this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are stories on a study of credit scores and home purchases, a Kelley School program that helps small businesses in Peru, a report on cell phone use while driving, research on students' "carbon footprint," and examination of links between alcohol sales and violent crime, and a conference on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. † Full Story >>

HHE volunteers turn out in force to support IU at the Statehouse

HHE photo

A report on the 19th annual Hoosiers for Higher Education Statehouse Visit leads off this issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are an interview with an IU graduate student who was a delegate to the Copenhagen climate talks and stories on IU campus responses to the Haiti earthquake, the "excellence gap" for high-ability students, an upcoming lecture by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, a documentary on white adoption of hip-hop culture, a new IU research institute on antisemitism and a new car-sharing program at IU Bloomington. † Full Story >>

SPEA study shows links between land use and violent crime rates

Urban Crime

This month's IU Perspectives on Policy features a story on a study by IUPUI professor that plots connections between land use and violent crime rates. It also include stories on an IU program that provides language and cultural training for soldiers bound for Afghanistan, an invitation to Nepal for IU Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom, a national survey of law students, Indiana's stagnant population growth and an expert's comments on recent airline security efforts. † Full Story >>

IU celebrates Elinor Ostrom, 2009 Nobel laureate in economic sciences

Ostrom Send-off

The Dec. 8, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on IU's send-off for Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom and links for following her week in Stockholm. It also includes stories about the greening of the Indiana Memorial Union, a conference on health reform and antitrust law, recommendations from an IU Bloomington traffic safety task force, an IU-based national survey of college student engagement, a student-run "carbon footprint" survey at IU Northwest, and details on the new IUPUI professional credential in homeland security and emergency management. † Full Story >>

Carbon capture and storage: Indiana could lead in developing green technology

Coal image

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on IU's involvement in developing technology and policy for carbon capture and storage, the annual Kelley School of Business economic forecast, a panel discussion by experts on nuclear weapons, a talk by the National Rifle Association president, a benchmark study of the Richmond, Ind., area, and the economic impact of the IU School of Medicine and teaching hospitals. † Full Story >>

Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University faculty member, wins Nobel Prize for Economics

Elinor Ostrom

This issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on the awarding of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics to IU Bloomington professor Elinor Ostrom. It also includes stories on IU Kokomo professor and dean Robert Dibie's thoughts on the theme of 10 years of democracy in Nigeria, a student counter-terrorism simulation in Indianapolis, a study of increased differences between U.S. political parties, former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton's ideas on strengthening Congress and a law professor's Senate testimony on the future of Burma. † Full Story >>

Student sustainability interns make the campus and community their research lab

Marie Buckingham and Zach Brown

This issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story on student interns who carried out sustainability projects this summer at IU Bloomington. It also includes profiles of two politically active professors and stories about American beliefs about health care reform legislation, NEH-funded teacher institutes at IU, and two well-known figures who will be visiting IU campuses. † Full Story >>

IU conference sets stage for developing energy research agenda

IU Energy Conference

This Perspectives on Policy features a report on an IU conference aimed at developing an energy research agenda. It also includes stories on concerns about human health effects of DDT, a service learning project in Thailand, an IU policy brief on health reform, a political scientist's framework for better understanding social-ecological systems, a survey of educators on virtual learning programs, and a student assessment of sustainability at a local microbrewery. † Full Story >>

SPEA grad student spans globe, leads in electronic waste recycling

Knudsen award

An IU graduate student who helped her employer win a prestigious global environmental award is profiled in this issue of Perspectives on Policy. The newsletter also features stories about IU's involvement with "green leadership" training in China, the economic impact of IU Kokomo, a new book about an IU-Kenya partnership, a count of homeless people in Indianapolis, the benefits of whistle-blowing, and comments by a range of IU experts on health reform. † Full Story >>

IU SPEA conference in nation's capital aims to help shape energy policy debate

energy policy icon

The June 9, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy announces an energy-policy conference that the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs will sponsor in Washington, D.C. It also features stories about Indiana soldiers who are teaching about agriculture in Afghanistan, a professor's book on "Distrust, American style," an IU partnership with an Indianapolis church, a comparison of U.S., Mexican and Canadian health care systems, a course that took IU students to Korea, and a commentary on the effects of H1N1 flu on the Mexican economy. † Full Story >>

Capstone course provides real-world experience for IUPUI graduate students

SPEA lecture, IUPUI

The May 12, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy features stories on capstone projects by public-affairs graduate students at both Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and IU Bloomington. It also includes accounts of an IU-sponsored U.S.-China business conference and a symposium on terrorism in India, Israel and Turkey, a round-up of news about the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak and stories about an IU education initiative with the Indianapolis Latino community and a partnership between IUPUI and the University of Tehran. † Full Story >>

Student-run graduate conference explores international policy issues

The April 14, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy features highlights from the student-run conference of the International Public Affairs Association at IU SPEA, including links to policy briefs by students and faculty. It also includes stories on a symposium on the world economic crisis and an IUPUI alternative spring break project, and news about an electronic waste recycling event, a U.S.-China business conference, an agreement for IU to provide training for the Indiana National Guard, and more. † Full Story >>

National Research Council report calls for overhaul of forensic science system

Forensic Science

The March 10, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy reports on a National Research Council study that calls for overhauling the nation's forensic science system; IU Bloomington and IUPUI faculty members helped produce the report. Also featured are stories about area studies at IU, the impact of proposed changes in tax deductions for charitable giving, research on the visual content of TV coverage of presidential elections, students who lobbied the state legislature for the therapeutic recreation profession, and students who attended the Clinton Global Initiative University program. † Full Story >>

Advice for President Obama: IU faculty members have their say

White House photo

Almost 30 Indiana University faculty members offer up the "elevator speeches" they would give to President Barack Obama in this special issue of IU Perspectives on Policy. Contributors include experts in in health care, medical technology, the arts, energy economics, education, the environment, information security, criminal justice, tax policy and other policy areas. † Full Story >>

Work by IU institute takes center stage as Indiana considers government reform


A story about the Indiana University Public Policy Institute's role in developing proposals for reforming local government in Indiana leads off the Jan. 13, 2009, issue of Perspectives on Policy. Also featured are stories on an American Humanics leadership institute in Indianapolis, a survey of Hoosier attitudes about K-12 education, an IU Northwest professor's book on religion and political tolerance, and IU faculty involvement in recent elections in Ghana and a humans rights conference in Atlanta. † Full Story >>

Why young people don't vote -- or do they?

Voter Statistics

The Dec. 9, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an Indiana University Bloomington course in which students examined "Why Young People Don't Vote" -- against the backdrop of the 2008 election. Also included in the issue are stories about the IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, an archaeological study of homelessness in Indianapolis, a planned statewide study of court reform, an examination of the barriers to reforming health care, and a report that finds more women than men earning college degrees in Indiana. † Full Story >>

Innovative SPEA class practices what it teaches: reducing the carbon footprint

Meretsky class

The Nov. 11, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs course on climate change, in which U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service professionals take part from their offices and homes in eight Midwestern states. It also spotlights an IU professor's book on volunteerism, energy and environment research at Indiana University, a study of the value of urban green space, IU Kokomo's accountability efforts, a Mayors Institute held at IUPUI and IU experts' forecasts for the Indiana economy in 2009. † Full Story >>

'Historic' election motivates students, engages Indiana

Election edition

The Oct. 14, 2008 issue of Perspectives on Policy is a special issue focusing on policy matters in the 2008 presidential election. It features comments by Indiana University faculty members on the historic election itself, and on the challenges facing the candidates in health care, energy policy, Iraq, education and management of the federal government. † Full Story >>

Presidential primary cast world political spotlight on Indiana

Barack Obama

The June 10, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy features comments by Indiana University political scientists on the attention that the Indiana primary election brought to the state. It also includes stories on a program that sent IU students to South Korea to study public affairs and news about state policy on high-school graduation rates, a conference at IUPUI on emergency preparedness, research on chronic disease management, and IU's selection as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research. † Full Story >>

Seeing the forest for the trees: SPEA students produce neighborhood forestry studies

Urban Forestry

The May 13, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy features a story about an Indiana University SPEA class that produced urban forestry case studies for Bloomington neighborhoods. It also includes stories about IU's relationship with Liberia, SPEA graduate students who studied issues for state government for their capstone course, IPFW students making plans to attend the Chicago Green Festival, the launch of the IU Public Policy Institute and an IU-Purdue collaboration on distance education. † Full Story >>

IU experts from multiple fields join forces in Indiana Democracy Consortium


The April 8, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy reported on the Indiana Democracy Consortium, which brings together Indiana University Bloomington experts from law, public affairs, political science, international relations and other fields. The issue also included stories about a survey of physicians on national health insurance, the effectiveness of "green taxes," Public Affairs Week at IU Northwest and water resources as an impending environmental issue, along with an op-ed by an IU professor on the connections between climate and conflict. † Full Story >>

Do the homeless count? IUPUI class helps ensure they do


The March 18, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured a story about students at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis who are learning about homelessness and who took part in the city's official count of the homeless. Also included were an interview with IU Bloomington political scientist Abdulkader Sinno about his new book; an article about Indiana's decision to ban dishwasher detergents that contain phosphorus; a report on research concerning visual images in presidential election coverage; a feature on an IU Kokomo professor's book on social class; and news about visits to IU by high-level Chinese officials. † Full Story >>

Individualized Major Program taps growing student idealism


The Feb. 11, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured an article detailing why the IU Individualized Major Program in the College of Arts and Sciences is such a big hit with students. Also highlighted was a story detailing the findings in a 200-page report about abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Indiana; an update on the SPEA dean search; highlights on IU South Bend's exploration of "Sustainable Communities"; details on a report about the skills public managers need; and information about the "Politics and the Arts" theme for ArtsWeek 2008. † Full Story >>

Local government reform: IUPUI center provides staff for state commission

Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform

The Jan. 15, 2008, issue of Perspectives on Policy highlighted a story on local government reform. Also featured in this issue were stories about an annual survey that shows Hoosiers are slightly more pessimistic about school quality, details on SPEA students who are applying what they learned in the classroom to real-world issues, information on why serial killers may kill more victims than once previously thought, highlights from a book by an IU researcher who examined air traffic management, and a column by an IU professor and a consultant who examined Congress, carbon and the Chicago Climate Exchange. † Full Story >>

Regulating toxic chemicals: Globalization can raise the bar


The Dec. 11, 2007, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured a story that examined the regulations of toxic chemicals. Also highlighted in this issue were articles about an IU professor who is discussing the communication gap between scientists and policy makers, details on a $3.1 million project examining how current and emerging technologies are being used in classrooms, information on preventing traffic tragedies, details on a professor's book regarding the 60th anniversary of India's democracy, and a look at how a law professor is helping families resolve conflict. † Full Story >>

The future of U.S. health care

Eric Wright and Eric Meslin

The Nov. 13, 2007, issue of Perspectives on Policy featured a story on what IU health policy experts say needs to be done to fix the health care reform problem. Also highlighted in this issue were stories about alcohol and drug abuse reform, details on the Indiana Check-Up Plan and what other states are doing for health care reform, health care issues for people with disabilities, details on the Healthcare Reform Options Listening Tour, and an opinion piece from Professor Lloyd Kolbe. † Full Story >>