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Media Contacts

Fabio Rojas
Department of Sociology

Tracy James
University Communications

IU expert discusses "disenchanted" anti-war demonstrators

Editor's note: The Democratic National Convention is being held Aug. 25-28 in Denver. The Republican National Convention is being held Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Indiana University sociologist Fabio Rojas says the anti-war movement is pushing at the Democratic and Republican national conventions to end the war in Iraq. Rojas has been studying the peace movement since 2004 and interviewed anti-war demonstrators participating in pre-convention protests over the weekend. "The peace movement has become disenchanted with political parties," he says. "Peace movement leaders view the parties as unable to effectively end the war." Rojas remains in contact with his research collaborator, University of Florida political scientist Michael T. Heaney, who continues interviewing activists participating in demonstrations near the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Rojas can be reached at 812-369-5242 and

Note: Rojas and Heaney wrote about this sentiment last year in the journal American Politics Research. For a news release about the study visit, For a copy of the study, contact Tracy James at 812-855-0084 and