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President's Fitness Challenge

The new President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test is a free and simple test that might put us all on the path to better fitness.

The Indiana University Bloomington School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation has administered the 42-year-old national awards program since 1988, distributing more than 2.5 million awards to youth nationwide each year.

IU staffer Steve Hinnefeld walks a brisk mile to test his aerobic fitness.

Hinnefeld checks his heart rate after walking a mile and records the results.

Flexibility is a part of the Presidential Challenge. Here, Hinnefeld reaches forward as far as he can.

Hinnefeld does sit-ups to test his 'core strength.' Jeff McClaine, associate director of the President's Challenge, keeps time. The School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation administers the program for the entire country.

Hinnefeld does push-ups to test his 'core strength.'

Hinnefeld's waist measurement is recorded.

The goal of the President's Challenge is to help people assess their fitness levels and improve if necessary.