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Trustee Election

On June 30 the votes were counted and Patrick A. Shoulders of Evansville, Ind., was chosen by IU alumni to serve a third three-year term on the IU Board of Trustees. In accordance with state law, the annual election is conducted by the Dean of University Libraries on the Bloomington campus, with assistance from the IU Alumni Association. Library staff and students undertook the task of counting more than 34,000 ballots.

Isabella Woo, a graduate student from Hong Kong, left, and others examine each ballot closely.

Pat Steele, the Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries, counts votes.

Libraries staff member Ron Hafft says the first time he counted trustee ballots was "when the library was still in Franklin Hall," in the 1960s. He stacks ballots after they have been verified and counted.

Megan Sheridan, right, a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Science, waits for the results after counting votes for nearly five hours.

Samuel Locke, left, one of three candidates and a 2004 IU graduate, congratulates Shoulders on his reelection.