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2009 Women's Little 500

Teams line up for the rider's parade prior to the start of the 2009 Women's Little 500 on April 24 at Armstrong Stadium in Bloomington.

A member of the Kappa Alpha Theta team prepares for the start of the race.

Riders from Wing It, the number two qualifier in the women's race, take a moment to gather themselves before the start of the race.

Gamma Phi Beta's bike team huddles prior to the beginning of the 2009 Little 500.

IU Student Foundation workers release balloons at the start of the Women's Little 500.

IU Student Foundation workers laugh as the balloons take flight.

Riders are silhouetted as they line up on the track.

Spectators gather along the fence to get a better view of the riders.

A pack of riders make their way through the first turn.

The riders' faces show intensity as they round a turn.

Riders from Alpha Gamma Delta (right) and Army Women (left) struggle to separate their bikes after crashing on the backstretch.

A rider for Team Revolution is despondent as she is driven to the medical tent following a crash.

Teter rider Caitlin Van Kooten (right) leads the pack through turn two.

A rider from Chi Omega is helped off the track following an exchange.

A cyclist from Alpha Epsilon Phi zooms by the crowd.

Teter's coach gives directions from the side of the track.

A rider from Wing It shows her excitement during the race.

Pi Beta Phi's Caroline Brown takes the checkered flag as she leads her team to victory.

Pi Beta Phi teammates reunite following their win.

Members of Pi Beta Phi's team celebrate in the pits.

Members of Pi Beta Phi congratulate team member Natalie Malone.

Pi Beta Phi members gather to celebrate.

Members of the winning team gather to wave to their fans.

Pi Beta Phi members take over the track.

Pi Beta Phi fans gather to join the team in a victory lap.