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Freshmen Orientation Gallery

Andrew Griebel is one of the many incoming freshmen making his way through orientation at Indiana University Bloomington. Photographer Heather Brogden shows what orientation is like today by visually documenting the process throughout the day. Brogden met Griebel and his mother, Diane Griebel, as they checked in.

Griebel (left), Arielle Coy (middle) and Keshav Merchant (right) wait for orientation leaders to guide them to the testing area at the beginning of the day.

Griebel waits in Wright Quad for instructions from orientation leaders.

Griebel walks across campus with other first-year students to begin taking tests.

Orientation leaders introduce themselves to the students.

Griebel sits down with other students for a lunch break.

Orientation leaders talk with student groups before a presentation.

Griebel signs up for a chance to win a free semester of books.

Students who chose to stay overnight in the dorms sign in with the front desk.

Keshav Merchant (left) and Andrew Griebel enter Wright Quad residence hall for the night.

Andrew Griebel sits on his bed before heading to dinner.

Griebel makes a phone call while settling into his room.