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IU vs. California Field Hockey

IU's Corey Brautigam (center) moves the ball through a gauntlet of California defenders made up of Megan Psyllos (left) and Erin Magill during the field hockey match Sept. 9. IU won the match, 4-2.

IU's Jaclyn Zamudio (center) eyes an opportunity to battle for the ball against California's Megan Shimojima.

IU's Brooke Borneman (left) extends her reach on the ball against California's Shannon Elmitt.

California's Megan Psyllos (left) tries to keep control of the ball with pressure from IU's Morgan Fleetwood.

IU's Shareyna Chang (from left), Kelsey Kiper, Morgan Fleetwood and Emily Bowker gather to celebrate a late goal by Fleetwood with an assist from Kiper.