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IU Bloomington Expert Sources

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    • Emilio Moran, Director—Anthropological Center for Training in Global and Environmental Change, Co-Director—CSIPEC
    • Michael Morgan, Professor—Jewish Studies Program, Professor of Philosophy
    • Neil Morgan, Professor of Marketing, PetSmart, Inc. Distinguished Professor in Marketing Chair
    • Kevin Murphy, Professor of Practice, Head Opera Coach (IU Opera Theater)
    • Laura Murray, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
    • James Naremore, Chancellor's Professor of Speech Communication, Chancellor's Professor of Comparative Literature, Chancellor's Professor of English, Professor of Film Studies
    • Jan Nattier, Adjunct Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
    • Janet Near, Dale M. Coleman Chair of Management, Professor in Management
    • David Nord, Professor of Journalism, Interim Editor of the Journal of American History
    • Milos Novotny, Distinguished Professor and the Lilly Chemistry Alumni Chair
    • Eugene O'Brien, Executive Associate Dean; Professor of Music (Composition)
    • Patrick O'Meara, Dean—International Programs, Director—African Studies Program, Professor of Political Science, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Elinor Ostrom, Director—Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Co-Director—CSIPEC, Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Jeffrey Palmer, Chairperson—Department of Biology, Senior Fellow—Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, The Class of 1955 Endowed Professorship, Distinguished Professor
    • Philip Parnell, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • Christopher Peebles, Dean—Information Technology, Associate Vice President—Research and Academic Computing, Director—Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Research Associate—Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies, Professor of Anthropology
    • Joshua Perry, Assistant Professor of Business Law and Ethics, Life Sciences Research Fellow
    • P. Q. Phan, Associate Professor of Music (Composition)
    • Mark Phelps, Opera Coach; Assistant Professor of Music, part time (Opera Studies)
    • Lee Phillips, Adjunct Lecturer in Music (Collaborative Piano)
    • Flynn Picardal, Associate Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Maureen Pirog, Rudy Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Co-Director IU Institute for Family and Social Responsibility, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
    • Philip Podsakoff, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, John F. Mee Chair of Management
    • Robert Port, Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Linguistics
    • Brian Powell, Allen D. and Polly S. Grimshaw Professor of Sociology
    • Menahem Pressler, Dean Charles H. Webb Chair in Music; Distinguished Professor of Music (Piano)
    • William Alex Pridemore, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Affiliate Faculty Member of the Russian and East European Institute
    • Frank Putnam, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry—Medical Sciences Program
    • Rudolf Raff, Director—Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Distinguished Professor, Adjunct Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
    • James Randolph, Director—Ph.D. Program in Environment Science, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Professor of Biology
    • David Ransel, Robert F. Brynes Professor of History, Director of the Russian and East European Institute
    • Toivo Raun, Acting Chair—Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Professor of Central Eurasian Studies, Adjunct Professor of History
    • Daniel Reed, Assistant Professor of Folklore and Ethnomusicology

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