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Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation

IU receives patent for informatics professor's work predicting economic activity through Twitter

Twitter Predictor

The media called it "The Twitter Predictor," and some scoffed at the idea that by analyzing activity on the social media tool one could predict economic markets like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But today, Indiana University associate professor Johan Bollen's work received a rare form of validation: a United States patent. Full Story >>

IU, Osaka University researchers to focus on cancer-fighting proton therapy during symposium

Teruki Teshima

Physicists and radiation oncologists from Japan will visit Indiana University Bloomington May 25-26 as part of the Osaka University-Indiana University Scientific and Clinical Symposium at the Integrated Science and Accelerator Technology Hall and Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center. Full Story >>

IU's economic development initiatives help boost state's ranking in technology, science index

Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation

As the state of Indiana moves up the Milken Institute's biennial State Technology and Science Index, Indiana University was recognized as a force behind one of the state's largest areas of improvement, the index component involving risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure, where Indiana moved to 19th place, up from 37th. Full Story >>

IU's Innovate Indiana Fund invests in three promising high-tech startups

Innovate Indiana Fund

Indiana University's Innovate Indiana Fund, designed to invest in emerging-technology start ups that both propel IU discoveries toward the marketplace and stimulate Indiana's economy, has completed investments in its first three companies, giving the $10 million fund a solid start. Full Story >>

IU plays key role in bringing major diabetes discoveries to patients

Glucagon Structure

The purchase of Carmel-based Marcadia Biotech by Roche for what could amount to more than $500 million is described by company and Indiana University officials as a "win-win-win" situation and an example of the importance of ongoing efforts at IU to speed high-tech and potentially life-saving discoveries by its researchers to the marketplace. Full Story >>

Tony Armstrong elected to board of directors for University Economic Development Association

Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong, president and CEO of the Indiana University Research & Technology Corp., was elected recently to the board of directors for the University Economic Development Association. Full Story >>