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From hot springs to HIV, same protein complexes are hijacked to promote viruses


Biologists from Indiana University and Montana State University have discovered a striking connection between viruses such as HIV and Ebola and viruses that infect organisms called archaea that grow in volcanic hot springs. Despite the huge difference in environments and a 2 billion year evolutionary time span between archaea and humans, the viruses hijack the same set of proteins to break out of infected cells.   Full Story >>

IU researchers uncover protein's job protecting pneumonia-causing pathogen from copper poisoning


A team of chemists and biologists led by Indiana University chemistry professor David Giedroc has described a previously unknown function of a protein they now know is responsible for protecting a major bacterial pathogen from toxic levels of copper. The results were published Jan. 27 in Nature Chemical Biology.   Full Story >>

Indiana University chemist Carlson receives NIH Director’s New Innovator award

Erin Carlson

Erin E. Carlson, an assistant professor of chemistry at Indiana University Bloomington, has been awarded a National Institutes of Health Director's New Innovator Award, intended to stimulate innovative research and support promising new scientists. The award will provide $1.5 million over five years to support Carlson's research, which deals with developing improved treatments for drug-resistant infections.   Full Story >>

Discovery of two new genes provides hope for stemming Staph infections

Staphylococcus repressors

The discovery of two genes that encode copper- and sulfur-binding repressors in the hospital terror Staphylococcus aureus means two new potential avenues for controlling the increasingly drug-resistant bacterium, scientists say in the April 15, 2011 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. MRSA, or multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is the primary cause of nosocomial infections in the United States.   Full Story >>

IU appoints new Presidential Student Intern

Esther Uduehi, a senior at Indiana University Bloomington majoring in biochemistry and mathematics, has been selected as IU's Presidential Student Intern for 2010-11, it was announced today (Sept. 23). As IU's second-ever Presidential Student Intern, she will serve on a new committee, recently established by IU President Michael McRobbie, which is examining the university's approaches to teaching and learning and their impact on student achievement.   Full Story >>

IU chemists develop new "light switch" chloride binder

Folding chloride receptor

Chemists at Indiana University Bloomington have designed a molecule that binds chloride ions -- but can be conveniently compelled to release the ions in the presence of ultraviolet light. Reporting in the Journal of the American Chemical Society today (online), IU Bloomington chemist Amar Flood and Ph.D. student Yuran Hua explain how they designed the molecule, how it works and, just as importantly, how they know it works.   Full Story >>