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Indiana University chemist Dragnea awarded grant for HIV-1 research

Bogdan Dragnea

A team led by Indiana University Bloomington chemist Bogdan Dragnea has been awarded a three-year research grant by the international Human Frontier Science Program for study of processes involved in the self-assembly of the HIV-1 virus.   Full Story >>

Open lecture affords public a view of cooperation, evolution during Dec. 3-5 Biocomplexity event

Rick Michod

An annual workshop of Indiana University's Biocomplexity Institute, this year titled Biocomplexity XI: "The Evolution of Cooperation: Paradoxes of Collectivity & Individuality," will include a guest public lecture by Richard Michod, a University of Arizona professor who is head of UA's Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department.   Full Story >>

Closing in on a carbon-based solar cell

Graphene space-filling model

To make large sheets of carbon available for light collection, Indiana University Bloomington chemists have devised an unusual solution -- attach what amounts to a 3-D bramble patch to each side of the carbon sheet. Using that method, the scientists say they were able to dissolve sheets containing as many as 168 carbon atoms, a first. The scientists' report, online today (April 9), will appear in a future issue of Nano Letters, an American Chemical Society journal.   Full Story >>

Brain “avalanches” may help store memories

Rat brain cells grown in a dish activate each other in cascades that resemble avalanches, and these "brain avalanches" appear to be involved in memory. New computer models suggest that these brain avalanches may be optimal for information storage. If so, certain neurochemical treatments might someday improve life for people with memory problems.   Full Story >>