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Chemical Physics

Outstanding Women in Science lecture to feature Caltech's award-winning Haile

Sossina Haile

Sossina Haile knows the heat of the sun can be used to convert water and carbon dioxide into energy that can be stored in a fuel cell. She's such a believer in the technology that she once brought her point home by drinking, on camera, the tailpipe emissions from a fuel-cell car. Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and currently teaching materials science and chemical engineering at California Institute of Technology, Haile brings her Fulbright and Humboldt Scholar award-winning messages about sustainable energy to IU Bloomington's Whittenberger Auditorium for a public lecture Thursday. Full Story >>

Closing in on a carbon-based solar cell

Graphene space-filling model

To make large sheets of carbon available for light collection, Indiana University Bloomington chemists have devised an unusual solution -- attach what amounts to a 3-D bramble patch to each side of the carbon sheet. Using that method, the scientists say they were able to dissolve sheets containing as many as 168 carbon atoms, a first. The scientists' report, online today (April 9), will appear in a future issue of Nano Letters, an American Chemical Society journal. Full Story >>