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School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Study: Group yoga improves motor function and balance long after stroke

Arlene Schmid

Group yoga can improve motor function and balance in stroke survivors, even if they don't begin yoga until six months or more after the stroke, according to "Post-Stroke Balance Improves With Yoga: A Pilot Study," published online July 26 in the journal Stroke. Full Story >>

IU research at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting

Limestone IU

Researchers from Indiana University discussed altitude training, stroke rehabilitation, arterial health and more at the American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting in San Francisco. Full Story >>

IU researchers discuss barefoot running, stroke and yoga, virtual worlds and more at ACSM

Limestone IU

Studies involving dozens of Indiana University researchers were displayed and discussed during the American College of Sports Medicine's 58th annual meeting May 31-June 4 in Denver. This news release briefly describes studies and topics involving barefoot running, weightloss in a 3D virtual world, older adults who give yoga a try while recovering from stroke, health disparities involving physical fitness and improved running mechanics as a result of stronger hips. Full Story >>

IU Health & Wellness: Foam rollers, over-exercising and core work for seniors

Foam Roll

Self-massage with foam rollers, over-exercising and strong core muscles -- the body's 'guy wire to stability and mobility,' are the topics of IU Health & Wellness in April. Full Story >>

IU Health & Wellness

Running Tip

IU Health and Wellness for December 2010 discusses a study that found that tired runners can unknowingly change their running form, advice about when gift giving becomes 'showing off,' and a study that examined the effect of water-based and silicon-based lubricant. Full Story >>

IU research at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting

Physical Activity

More than 30 researchers from Indiana University participated in the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Baltimore, June 2-5. Studies in this tip sheet discuss hip exercises that reduce or eliminate common knee pain in female runners, dwellings' interiors and inhabitants' physical activity levels, breathing exercises that might make more oxygen available for other muscles during endurance sports, doctors prescribing physical activity, and the effect -- or lack of effect -- compression clothes have on performance. Full Story >>