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Vice Provost for Research

African literature expert Eileen Julien to direct IU's Institute for Advanced Study

Eileen Julien

Eileen Julien, professor of French and comparative literature in the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington, has been appointed the new director of the Institute for Advanced Study. Julien, who joined the IU Bloomington faculty in 1992, has a distinguished career in research and writing that explores the connections between Africa, Europe and the Americas. Full Story >>

From hot springs to HIV, same protein complexes are hijacked to promote viruses


Biologists from Indiana University and Montana State University have discovered a striking connection between viruses such as HIV and Ebola and viruses that infect organisms called archaea that grow in volcanic hot springs. Despite the huge difference in environments and a 2 billion year evolutionary time span between archaea and humans, the viruses hijack the same set of proteins to break out of infected cells. Full Story >>

Successful screening over, IU biologists release junco documentary for birders, teachers


The world premiere of the film "Ordinary Extraordinary Junco: Remarkable Biology from a Backyard Bird" - a fascinating science documentary developed by biologists at Indiana University about one of North America's most beloved songbirds - was a local success and a box office sell-out. Now the team of scientists and filmmakers says the film, along with a package of complementary educational resources, is ready for distribution to inspire, educate, and entertain public and student audiences worldwide Full Story >>

IU law professor's lecture considers women's role in shaping democracy

Susan Williams

The difficult relationship between gender equality, the development of democracies, and constitutional design is the subject of Indiana University Bloomington's 2013 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture, "Solomon's Daughters: Women as Law-Makers in Customary Systems." Susan Williams, the Walter W. Foskett Professor in the Maurer School of Law, will present the lecture on April 25. Full Story >>

Indiana University Bloomington names Outstanding Junior Faculty

Limestone IU

Indiana University Bloomington's 2012-13 Outstanding Junior Faculty awards will support the creation of innovative textile art and research on public investments in energy, the worldwide loss of coastal mangrove forests, the development of anti-malarial drugs, the relationship between vision and balance, and the appropriateness of cancer screenings. Full Story >>

Two IU computer scientists earn NSF CAREER Awards for young investigators

Computer Keyboard

Two researchers at Indiana University Bloomington's School of Informatics and Computing -- David Crandall and Apu Kapadia -- have each been awarded the National Science Foundation's most prestigious award in support of early career development. Full Story >>