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Eileen Balliet
IU School of Continuing Studies

Margaret Londergan
Adaptive Technology Center

Last modified: Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IU expands adaptive technology offerings available to distance education students

March 3, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University School of Continuing Studies (SCS) and IU's Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) have adopted a formal agreement to provide adaptive technologies to special needs students learning at a distance. The agreement provides these technologies to SCS students at no cost to the student.

Adaptive Technology Center, a part of University Information Technology Services (UITS) at IU, is well versed in providing cutting-edge technologies to students on IU's campuses. The ATC is pleased to have the opportunity to expand services to IU students with many kinds of disabilities who are learning at a distance through SCS. The center provides services for students who need assistance due to visual (blindness and low vision), mobility, hearing and learning (dyslexia, ADHD and others) disabilities.

"Advances in information and adaptive technology make it possible to support distance students with disabilities in the same way their peers are supported on any of the IU campuses," said Margaret Londergan, manager of the Adaptive Technology Center. "We strive to provide all students with barrier-free access to all Indiana University academic offerings."

UITS Adaptive Technology Center

UITS Adaptive Technology Center

"We are so pleased that the Adaptive Technology Center is willing to work with our distance education students who happen to have disabilities," said Eileen Balliet, disabilities coordinator for the SCS. "This allows us to provide our students with the same cutting-edge tools students on campus currently receive to equalize their access to education."

The School of Continuing Studies offers a wide variety of educational options to students with special needs, including self-paced online and correspondence courses, semester-based online courses and an associate and bachelor's degree in general studies.

The extent to which these services are supplied is based on individual needs as supported by documentation and on the academic requirements of the courses.

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