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John Kinzer
IU Department of Theatre and Drama

Last modified: Friday, December 4, 2009

IU to present 'Farewell to a Cannibal Rage,' directed by play's author, Femi Osofisan

WHAT: Farewell to a Cannibal Rage under the direction of the play's author, Femi Osofisan
WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Wells-Metz Theatre. No photography or recording of any kind is permitted during performances.
TICKETS: Free admittance (no ticket required)

Dec. 4, 2009

Femi Osofisan

Femi Osofisan

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's Department of Theatre and Drama will present Farewell to a Cannibal Rage by award-winning Nigerian playwright Femi Osofisan, a Visiting Visionary Scholar, who will also direct the production.

Treating stereotypes and taboos with uproarious humor, Osofisan offers a unique vision of star-crossed lovers, inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

"Farewell to a Cannibal Rage"

"Farewell to a Cannibal Rage"

IU students auditioned for an 8-week class (taking place during the second eight weeks of the fall semester) taught by Osofisan that culminates with the Dec. 16 performance. "I have been deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the students who have turned up at my rehearsals," Osofisan said of the eclectic theater ensemble. Each member plays multiple parts, shifting within the roles as the scenes play out.

A response to the 1970s Biafran-Nigerian war, Osofisan characterizes his play as "a plea for forgiveness, and for reconciliation; and particularly for a renewal among the young. It's been a pleasant surprise how the play has gone well with different audiences."

IU will be the 15th university in the U.S. to have hosted Osofisan in the past two and a half decades. Osofisan said he believes the audience will see that our problems are human and universal, and not determined by what skin color we wear. "The fundamental problems of humanity, of human relationships bind us by their common relevance, their common depth of pain and felicity," Osofisan said.

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