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Last modified: Monday, July 11, 2005

Issues in Education

One-day media seminar to feature Indiana University education and health experts

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The new school year is upon us. Public K-12 education involves more than the traditional three Rs, and education reporters cover an oversized backpack full of issues ranging from tax levies and STDs to immigration and the debate over evolution and intelligent design.

Indiana University has organized a one-day seminar, "Issues in Education," to help reporters tackle the complex issues involved with educating Indiana children and students nationwide. Faculty experts will draw from their research and service as they discuss the following topics: obesity, sex education, school finance, immigration, morals and ethics in the classroom, and educational issues before the state legislature. The casual setting will allow for an easy exchange between reporters and faculty. Reporters will be able to get sound bites, quotes, contacts and a deeper understanding of some of the challenging issues of the day.

The seminar will be Aug. 4 in Room 4095 of the Business/SPEA Building, 801 W. Michigan St., on the campus of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Presentations will run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The $25 registration fee includes a catered lunch.

This mailing includes a brief biography of the presenters and a registration form that should be returned by July 27. The registration form also can be accessed at For more information about the seminar, please contact Tracy James at IU Media Relations, 812-855-0084 and We look forward to seeing you on Aug. 4 and discussing some of the challenging "Issues in Education."

Larry MacIntyre, director, IU Media Relations
Tracy James, media relations specialist

Topics & Bios

Childhood obesity and schools: Lloyd J. Kolbe, a professor in the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University Bloomington, Catherine Sherwood-Puzzello, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Applied Health Science, and Michelle Miller, a lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology, will discuss this topic. As part of his research involving adolescent health, Kolbe works with the nation's 120,000 schools to find ways to improve student and employee health. In Indiana, he has been working with the state departments of Health and Education to create a comprehensive approach to addressing childhood obesity in the state. Sherwood-Puzzello and Miller, a former physical education teacher, are members of a community coalition that is working together to address childhood obesity at three middle schools in Bloomington.

Sex education: Maresa J. Murray is an assistant professor in the Human Development and Family Studies Program in the Department of Applied Health Science. She and Amanda Tanner, who is earning her doctorate in Health Behavior, focusing on sexual and reproductive health, will be speaking about sex education research,, that they are involved with through the Sexual Health Research Working Group.

Immigration: Barbara Korth is a clinical assistant professor in the departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling and Educational Psychology in the School of Education. She will be speaking about her research involving immigration.

Education issues before the legislature and No Child Left Behind: Terry Spradlin is associate director for education policy at the IU School of Education's Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. He regularly interacts with state policymakers and other educational leaders on behalf of the center. Before joining CEEP, Spradlin served as the legislative and policy analyst with the Indiana Department of Education.

Religion in public schools and the rise of homeschooling: Robert Kunzman is an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction in the School of Education. His discussion will include the broader implications of the debate over evolution and intelligent design.

Unresolved school finance issues: Robert Toutkoushian is an associate professor of education, specializing in educational leadership and policy studies. Toutkoushian works with the Indiana legislature to examine the equity of school funding at the K-12 level across the state.


Indiana University Media Seminar: Issues in Education

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Business/SPEA Building, Room 4095, IUPUI campus


Name/Title: _______________________________________________________________________________

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Phone and e-mail: _________________________________________________________________________

Names and titles of others attending from your organization:




Total number of registrations __________

Amount enclosed ($25 per person): ____________

Please make checks payable to Indiana University

Please return to: Issues in Education Seminar, IU Office of Media Relations, Carmichael Center, 530 E. Kirkwood Ave., Suite 203, Bloomington, Indiana 47408-4003.