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Last modified: Thursday, May 3, 2007

WFIU radio and WTIU television news departments honored

May 3, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- WFIU Radio and WTIU Television received 23 awards including 11 first-place awards at the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists' Best in Indiana Journalism competition.

Winners were honored at the 28th Annual Awards Banquet at the Indianapolis Marriott North Hotel on April 27.

WFIU received numerous awards including:

Best Radio Feature
First Place, Koran Addo, "Blind Spots"

Best Coverage of Government
First Place, Koran Addo, "Water Security"

Best Coverage of Minority Issues
First Place, Koran Addo, "The Hole"
Second Place, Joice Biazoto, "The Roots of Techno"

Best Social Justice Reporting
First Place, Lauren Algee, "How Food Works"

Best Coverage of Children's Issues
First Place, Nicole Beemsterboer, "Chocolate for Ashley"

Best Radio Sports Reporting
First Place, Ryan Cost, "Bill Garrett Gets Open"
Third Place, Adam Ragusea, "Basketball History"

Best Criminal Justice Reporting
First Place, Clare Deady, "An Absence of Awareness"

Best Radio Continuing Coverage
Second Place, Will Murphy, "Art Spiegelman Revisited"

Best Radio Feature (Student Division)
Third Place, Adam Ragusea, "Robert Pinsky"

WTIU received numerous awards including:

Best Television Feature-Single Story
Second Place, Jason Pear and Ann Shea, "Wine Harvest"
Third Place, Jason Pear, "Faster Pastor"

Best Television Documentary or Special
First Place, Chuck Carney, "WTIU Reports: Why Germany Matters to Indiana"

Best Medical/Science Reporting
Third Place, Ann Shea and Ron Prickel, "Stone Age Institute"

Best Education Coverage
First Place, Ann Shea, Susanne Schwibs and Jason Pear, "Math in Your Feet"

Best TV Sports Videography, Sports Feature
First Place, Jason Pear, "Weightlifting Harpists"
Third Place, Jason Pear, "Marathon Man"

Best Television Newscast (Student Division)
First Place, WTIU News Forum Staff, "News Forum News"

Best News Reporting (Student Division)
Second Place, Melissa Ramsey, WTIU News, "Jail Overcrowding"

Best Sports Reporting (Student Division)
First Place, Ryan Cost, WTIU News, "New IU Hoops Coach"

Best Feature (Student Division)
First Place, Stephanie Barnes, WTIU News Forum, "Identity Theft"
Second Place, Kyle Mitchell, WTIU News, "Avian Flu"