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Last modified: Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Merry Wives of Windsor cast list

The Merry Wives of Windsor cast list 2008

Erik Anstine Sir John Falstaff

Thomas Florio Sir John Falstaff

Kenneth Pereira Herr Fluth ( Mr. Ford)

Michael Weyandt Herr Fluth

Cody Medina Her Reich ( Page)

Joseph Beutel Her Reich (Page)

Nicholas Nesbitt Fenton

Daniel Shirley Fenton

Michael Cummings Junker Sparlich

Matthew Latta Junker Sparlich

Adonis Abuyen Dr. Caius

Steven Eddy Dr. Caius

Jennifer Jakob Frau Fluth ( Ford)

Heather Youngquist Frau Fluth ( Ford)

Erin Houghton Frau Reich ( Page)

Ursula Kuhar Frau Reich ( Page)

Caitlin Andrews Shirley Anne Page

Abigail Mitchell Anne Page

Artistic/Production Team:

David Effron Conductor

Fawzi Haimor Assistant Conductor

Vincent Liotta Stage Director

Leslie Delk Assistant Stage Director

Mark Smith/O'Hearn Set/Costume Designer

Ryan Tibbets Chorus Master

Adam Schwartz Stage Manager

Claire LaNicca Assistant Stage Manager

Jeremy Phillips Assistant Stage Manager

Shuichi Umeyama Coach/Accompanist

Piotr Wisniewski Coach/Accompanist

Emily Senturia Coach/Accompanist

Kim Carballo Coach/Accompanist

Julia Lawson German diction

Alissia Lauer Assistant Technical Director

Mike Schwandt Lighting Designer

Patrick Mero Assistant Lighting Designer

Eleonore Maudry Costumes

Tim Stebbins Director Of Props/Paint

Jim Lile Production Manager

Dennis Long House Electrician

Travis Gregg Academic Specialist

Konrad Strauss Chair, Recording Arts

Wayne Jackson Sound

Maria L. Levy Administrator

Nancy Guyer Production Assistant