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IU Health Center

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Last modified: Monday, February 23, 2009

Indiana University Health Center launches online personal health record

Feb. 23, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Health Center launched an online personal health record (PHR) solution for students at the IU Bloomington campus today (Feb. 23). IU is sponsoring the PHR, making it easy for students and their families to share medical information with the health center.

"Our student population is extremely Web-savvy, and filling out patient registration forms in a clinic waiting room might strike them as antiquated and inefficient," said Pete Grogg, associate director at the IU Health Center. "With NoMoreClipboard, students can create a secure, password-protected personal health record that includes their medications, allergies, current and past conditions and other important medical information. Soon, students will also be able to import medical information from the Health Center electronic health record system into their PHR after a visit."

IU Health Center

IU Health Center

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Before students visit the Health Center, information and answers to appointment-specific questions will be provided through the PHR and their answers will populate IU registration forms that are integrated into the Health Center electronic health record system. Students can also send information from their PHR to their hometown physicians and other medical professionals throughout the country. When students graduate, they will be able to continue using their PHR accounts to manage their health information.

"The timing for this program is ideal," said Jeff Donnell, vice president of the Fort Wayne, Ind., based "The Obama Administration is firmly behind initiatives that foster healthcare IT adoption, and funding for these kinds of efforts is included in the stimulus package. Offering personal health records to its students reaffirms Indiana University's commitment to innovation and the Health Center's focus on improving care and reducing cost."

Indiana University students at the Bloomington campus can create a free personal health record account by visiting the Health Center's Web site ( and clicking on "myHEALTH" to visit the Health Center's OneStart portal.

About is an online, patient-controlled personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. Subscribers can easily transfer personal or family member medical information onto the physician's specific medical forms, reducing the need to complete repetitive medical paperwork, the benighted clipboard exercise. was established to develop innovative Web-based solutions for consumers seeking to establish an online personal health record (PHR). The NoMoreClipboard leadership team leverages its extensive clinical health care and technology experience to create and continually enhance a PHR system that is consumer-friendly, interactive, secure and interoperable with physician practice approaches to capturing patient information.