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Ryan Piurek
IU Media Relations

Last modified: Monday, June 23, 2003

Thirty-four faculty members receive Arts and Humanities grants

Indiana University has selected 34 faculty members to receive research grants totaling over $1 million in the third round of funding through the university's Arts and Humanities Initiative.

The 2002-03 grant recipients were chosen from 77 proposals. Faculty members receiving the grants represent four IU campuses -- Bloomington, IUPUI, South Bend and Southeast. The grants will defray travel and other costs connected with the projects and provide time for faculty members to conduct their research.

In his 2000 State of the University Address, then-IU President Myles Brand announced a four-year, $4 million program to encourage faculty research in the arts and humanities. The program was implemented in response to declining levels of public funding for this research and creative work.

"The vibrancy and excellence of Indiana University includes the scholarship and the creativity of its faculty in the arts and humanities as much as in the sciences," said IU Associate Vice President for Research Jeffrey R. Alberts. "The funds we can award again for this year's Arts and Humanities Initiative are a mechanism to fuel this scholarship and creativity and help IU faculty inject more excitement and vitality into their academic disciplines, into society and into our classrooms."

The following is a list of arts and humanities grant recipients, their school or department, their campus and the title of their project:

  • Akwasi Assensoh, African American & African Diaspora Studies, Bloomington; "American Contributions to Africa's Decolonization Process of the 1950s: The Ralph Bunche-Mason Sears Connection"
  • Mindy Badia, Modern Languages, Southeast; "Theater on the Border: The Golden Age Drama Festival at Chamizal"
  • Claude Baker, Music, Bloomington; "Recording with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra"
  • Edward Bernstein, Fine Arts, Bloomington; "Memoria"
  • Bohdan Bochan, Arts and Letters, Southeast; "The Aristotelian and Kantian Concepts of Time in Kleist's Prinz Friedrich von Homburg"
  • Catherine Bowman, English, Bloomington; "The Lost Books"
  • Robert Campany, Religious Studies, Bloomington; "The Social Context of Transcendence in Early Medieval China"
  • Michel Chaouli, Germanic Studies, Bloomington; "Translation of My Book into German"
  • Lawrence Clopper, English, Bloomington; "The Franciscans and Medieval English Literature and Society"
  • Glenn Crothers, History, Southeast; "Negotiating Communities and Cultures"
  • Thomas Davis, Religious Studies, IUPUI; "Circumscribing Bodies, Human and Divine: The Eucharistic Controversies of the 16th Century Within the Context of Renaissance Art Theory"
  • Stephanie Dickey, Fine Arts, IUPUI; "Rembrandt's Passion: Art, Faith and Politics in the Dutch Republic"
  • Melissa Dinverno, Spanish & Portuguese, Bloomington; "Listening Through Mirrors: Representing Garcia Lorca's Suites"
  • Margaret Dolinsky, Fine Arts, Bloomington; "The Next Generation: Virtual Reality Art Gallery"
  • David Dzubay, Music, Bloomington; "Composition, Recording and CD Release of Symphony No. 2 and Prayer"
  • Robert Eno, East Asian Languages & Cultures, Bloomington; "New Perspectives on the Origins of Confucianism"
  • Jane Goodman, Communication & Culture, Bloomington; "Beyond Culture"
  • William Jackson, Religious Studies, IUPUI; "Illustrations for Heaven's Fractal Net: Retrieving Lost Visions in the Humanities"
  • Sabrina Karpa-Wilson, Spanish & Portuguese, Bloomington; "Ethical Constructs in Graciliano Ramos: The Writer and His Others"
  • Dov-Ber Kerler and Jeffrey Veidlinger, Germanic Studies, Bloomington; "The Last in situ Yiddish-Speakers of Ukraine: Language, Culture and History"
  • Hiroaki Kuromiya, History, Bloomington; "Stalin and the Voice of the Dead"
  • Eleanor Leach, Classical Studies, Bloomington; "Painting in the Social and Literary Culture of Ancient Roman Italy"
  • Elizabeth Monroe, History, IUPUI; "William Wirt: Lawyer and Biographer"
  • James Naremore, Communication & Culture, Bloomington; "Kubrick: The Last Modernist"
  • Timothy O'Connor, Philosophy, Bloomington; "What Is, What Might Have Been and What Must Be"
  • Yu Shen, History, Southeast; "SACO: An Ambivalent Experience of Sino-American Cooperation During WWII"
  • Maura Stanton, English, Bloomington; "Cities in the Sea"
  • Patricia Stiles, Music, Bloomington; "Songs of Indiana University"
  • Mary Trotter, English, IUPUI; "Modern Irish Drama and the Politics of Place"
  • Steven Wagschal, Spanish & Portuguese, Bloomington; "Medicine, Morality and Madness: The Shifting Concept of Insanity in Early Modern Spain"
  • Kim Walker, Music, Bloomington; "Arts Week"
  • Benjamin Withers, Fine Arts, South Bend; "A Digital View of a Distant World: An Electronic Edition of the Old English Hexateuch"
  • Jeffrey Wolin, Fine Arts, Bloomington; "Ancient Provence: A Photographic Study"