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Michael Wade
IU Bloomington Biology

David Bricker
University Communications

Last modified: Thursday, June 11, 2009

Indiana University biologist Mike Wade honored by professional society

June 11, 2009

Michael Wade

Biologist Michael Wade, recipient of this year's Sewall Wright Award

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind -- Indiana University Bloomington biologist Mike Wade has been selected to receive the American Society of Naturalists' 2009 Sewall Wright Award. Named after the influential population geneticist, the award recognizes a "senior but still active investigator who is making fundamental contributions ... promoting the conceptual unification the biological sciences," according to the society. The award is widely respected by evolutionary biologists.

"Mike Wade is widely recognized as one of the most creative intellectual forces in evolutionary biology," said Ellen Ketterson, fellow IU Bloomington biologist and chair of the Wright Award committee. "He has made seminal contributions in a wide variety of areas, both theoretical and empirical."

Wade will officially receive the honor at the society's annual meeting this week at the University of Idaho. Wade is the second IU Bloomington biologist to receive the award in five years. IU Bloomington biologist Rudy Raff won the award in 2004. Past honorees include Richard Lewontin, John Maynard Smith, William Hamilton and Mary Jane West-Eberhard.

"Mike is all the more admirable because he is such an incredible all-'rounder," said IU Bloomington biologist Jeff Palmer, who was IU Department of Biology chair when Wade was nominated. "He's not only great at research, he's great at teaching, and he's a great servant to both the department and the university."

To speak with Wade, please call 812-856-4680 or e-mail